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Cutter (Fight or Flight #2) by Ashley Suzanne


July 5, 2016


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Title:  Cutter

Author :  Ashley Suzanne

Series:  Fight or Flight #2

Release date:  05 Jul 2016

Rating : 3 Stars


Blurb : Ashley Suzanne follows up Raven with the next round in her scorching Fight or Flight series—the story of a damaged MMA fighter from the wrong side of the tracks, and the sizzling affair that forces him to grow up.Cutter Greer lives at the gym—literally. Abandoned by his parents as a teen, Cutter dropped out of high school and ended up on the streets. In a simple act of kindness, mixed martial arts trainers Garrett and Rian put him up in the apartment above their gym. Now he’s got a surrogate family and a shot at MMA stardom—but he still has a lot to learn about women. And he certainly isn’t prepared for the earth-shattering consequences that desire can bring.Josette Morelli believes that she and Cutter have something special—more special than just being hot in bed. So when Cutter is scouted to go big time, the thought of being left behind scares her. And then Josette learns a shattering truth that could change everything between her and Cutter . . . unless she learns to set him free. Instead, she tells a lie that destroys their chances at happiness—and forces them both to fight for a future neither knew was possible.


Review : I read Cutter (Fight or Flight #2) by Ashley Suzanne without reading Raven first – which is no problem as they can be read separate – and other then facing the obvious ending of Raven you will have no problems in understanding the plot.


In the beginning of the book Cutter goes back thinking how he ended up being where he was. Usually I am no fan of “thinking back” chapters but those were well done, because there was no annoying present / past / present / past switching which I totally dislike.


Cutter is a great guy that basically does everything right from page one, which is interesting as usually “your average male lead” has to at least make one big mistake for a story to pick up in its pace. I really liked the way his character was created.


Garret and Rian from book one (obviously) were great “supporting acts” in this book and I also liked them a lot – which makes me believe that I will go back (when I find the time) and read the first book too.


You wonder why I did not mention Jo ? the female lead in this book ? … well lets put it this way… If she would cancel her appearance or if there would be at least one real blow up from Cutter and an realization from her that felt real– that book would be a 5 star read.


Can someone hate a book character ? I am not sure – but if so … she just made my list.


If this book would have been about a BDSM relationship – I would have said Jo is a DOM and Cutter her SUB. Because when it comes to her he is not only BLIND but also glutton for punishment.


I try to be polite in my reviews most of the time but this female lead was just such a selfish bitch – bending her realities the way she liked them.


And Cutter was so in love with her that she could do and say anything and he would forgive her anytime. And if for one second it looked like he finally found courage to give her a piece of his mind (well deserved) she started crying and he was going all sappy again.


I would need to go deep into details and spoiler to explain where I am coming from. But trust me it is not just one tiny thing she said or did that made me come up with my judgement and his behavior towards her felt unrealistic (or I hope at least that it is unrealistic).


So those are my reasons for giving a 5 star plot idea only 3 stars.


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