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Stealing Dallas (Search & Seek #2) by Amanda Mackey


November 11, 2016

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Title :              Stealing Dallas

Author :           Amanda Mackey

Series :            Search & Seek #2

Release date :   October 25th 2016




Blurb : Fresh out of a stint in prison, Jagger Reed wants his life back…


Finally released from prison after serving only eighteen months of a twenty-year sentence, Jagger is excited to reunite with his disabled brother Dallas. With the help of Rosalind McAllister, the creative writing teacher at the prison, Jagger was given a full pardon and legal guardianship of his brother.


The fight to get his old life back has just begun…


When Jagger and Rose arrive to pick up Dallas from his temporary foster parent, Lena Radcliffe, they are horrified to discover she has moved out with no known address. Worried that his brother may be in danger, they enlist the help of the local police who discover Lena in Great Falls, Montana. Rose vows to help Jagger reunite with his brother.


Jagger is out for blood, and heaven help anyone who stands in his way…


Live or die, Jagger will find his brother so they can start fresh. But there’s more to Lena Radcliffe than meets the eye, and suddenly Jagger and Rose are in over their heads. They’re in the middle of something much bigger and more dangerous than a family dispute.


The clock is ticking, and they’re running out of time to figure out Lena’s motive for…


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