Recovery by J.C. Harroway


August 17, 2016


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Title :              Recovery

Author :           J.C. Harroway

Series :            n/a

Release date :   Aug 15 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : She can’t help but want him. But neither can his millions of fans.With fame, fortune, looks and charisma, Nathan Banks may have it all. But Dr Sophia King wants nothing to do with him beyond treating him as any other patient. A family scandal and a childhood of media intrusion have left the reserved doctor fiercely protective of her vulnerable family. But when a photo of Sophia and Nathan together strips away her anonymity and exposes past secrets, she must step into the limelight to protect her loved ones.Intrigued by the man behind his famous persona, Sophia glimpses a life of fame and glamour she’s never coveted. But Nathan comes with baggage, and the screaming fans, the beautiful leading ladies and ruthless paparazzi are all part of the deal. How much is Sophia willing to endure to be with the man she loves, and how much is Nathan willing to give up for the woman who has stolen his heart?


Review : Recovery by J.C. Harroway was an interesting read showing of the contradictions of different lifestyles. The beginning I felt kind of thrown into the story because I could not really grasp the way the relationship began.


Because on one hand it felt exaggerated that the doctor was called when the next day he had no trouble going to the hospital by himself. And on the other if she really had those strong and negative feelings than I could not wrap my brain around the fact how easy she forgot them in the most important moments. (yeah even with him being extremely hot because she was supposed to feel them so strongly)


But once I got past these two issues – the story really picked up pace and I could easy ignore some minor issues in the plot because there was really some serious depth in the story that I liked. I felt that story became better developed while it was “running” …


There were some of the typical cliché moments as well as some obvious eye rolls on my side #restroom talks between woman #and not the nice kind – where I was like “seriously women? – why do you always listen to those females instead of confirming stuff before you run off steaming” –


But well in the total concept there were some very interesting insights and I liked Nathan a lot. He was so not the cliché I expected him to be. And while at the beginning I could not see the romance between him and Sophia – it developed quite well in the second half of the book leaving the reader with a well developed plotline. That sometimes even got me thinking on my habits when it comes to famous people.




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