Lessons in Gravity by Megan Westfield


November 29, 2016


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Title :              Lessons in Gravity

Author :           Megan Westfield

Series :            n/a

Release date :   24 Oct 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : All eyes are on Josh Knox…Fearless. Guarded. Cut-to-perfection. Daredevil rock climber. The best in the world.This time he’s poised to scale Yosemite’s notoriously treacherous Sorcerer Spire, with Walkabout Media & Productions filming every move.April Stephens’s dream to be a documentary filmmaker rests on her acing her internship with Walkabout, and that means getting the abrasive Josh to give her more than one-word answers in his interviews.The problem is, with every step forward professionally, she and Josh are also taking a step forward personally, and after watching her stunt pilot father die in a fiery crash, a guy who risks his life for a living is the last person she should be falling for. Especially because in one month her internship will have them dangling three thousand feet in the air from the side of the Sorcerer. She’ll be filming. He’ll be climbing without a rope.


Review : I fell absolutely in love with the picture the author painted from this beautiful landscape.


I was lucky enough to be able to not only imagine what the author was talking about but to experience it as well. Sleeping in the Yosemite national park (and some other parks during our holiday) was one of the most amazing experiences in my life so far.


Even though I have no knowledge of climbing except from seeing Tom Cruise do it on Mission impossible I truely enjoyed reading about this lifestyle very much.


So I can not comment on the accuracy of any of the climbing related events – except for what commons sense tells me – and judging from that – what I read felt good and believable. The relationship between April and Josh is an interesting one.


As is its development but the most amazing thing really is the complete setting the author created.

So real and believable.


As for the plotline – what I felt was interesting is that as a reader it is quite obvious from the beginning WHAT the main issue – The “Elephant in the Room” – will be about.


But still (and it is no spoiler because every novel works this way) WHEN the story actually crosses the line and meets the Elephant I was shocked. Yeah even though I knew it from the first second I was shocked.


And this is an interesting thing to accomplish for an author.


Adding to that the fact that there were really some tear running silently along my cheeks at one point – this book really deserved its 5 stars.


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