Dirty Wish by Karolyn James


April 30, 2017

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Title :              Dirty Wish

Author :           Karolyn James

Series :            n/a

Release date :   December 13th 2016




Blurb : He’s rich. He’s powerful. His hand is up my skirt. And I don’t even know his name yet. That’s where the night begins. It ends in the stranger’s bed, where I learn his name is Alexander and that he wants to see me again. I’m supposed to be housesitting, basking in the glory of what a wealthy life could feel like. A knock on the door changes my life forever. A dress is delivered. It fits me perfectly. And I want to impress Alexander. I want to experience the rich life, even if it’s not meant to be. I start to fall for Alexander and the lines between reality and fantasy start to blur. He’s everything a woman wants in the bedroom and everything a woman needs in life. But then I discover the dress wasn’t meant for me. And, yes, it was sent from Alexander. To someone else. He’s my dirty wish… but now I just feel dirty…


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