Hers to Heal (A Black Eagle Ops Novel) by Vonnie Davis


February 9, 2017


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Title :              Hers to Heal

Author :           Vonnie Davis

Series :            A Black Eagle Ops Novel

Release date :   22 Nov 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : In this powerful, sensual romance from the author of Her Survivor, a broken woman meets a shattered warrior—and discovers a passion strong enough to heal each other’s deepest wounds.


Navy SEAL Reece Browning sacrificed body and soul in the line of duty. He survived torture at the hands of America’s enemies, but lost his career and his voice in the process. Traumatized and desperate to get his PTSD under control, Reece escapes to Eagle Ridge Ranch. Under the big Texas sky, he finds peace, a renewed sense of purpose—and a woman who makes him feel like a man again. Her smile lights up his dark days, and her caress helps him forget the night terrors. Ex-Marine Gina Wilson also bears painful scars: emotional wounds inflicted by men she once trusted with her life. She has fought hard to overcome her demons and build a good life for her daughter, and Reece is too intense, too damaged, too raw to let into her heart. Yet she’s drawn irresistibly to his steely gaze and heated embrace. No one else understands what it’s like to suffer in silence. And when Gina’s daughter is threatened, it’s Reece who risks everything to save the day.


Review : OK – now it is official Vonnie Davis has me hocked to her “Black Eagle Ops” series – I just finished reading the second book in that series that is called “Hers to Heal”.


And I have to say that the second book held onto everything that the first book in that series promised.


When I read “Her Survivor” about half a year ago I found a romance that was just enough “sweet small town romance” to be endearing but not enough to make me run off and believe me I would have because I don’t “do” well with those “sugar coated romances”.


I fell in love with the characters and I could not wait to hear more about them. The intriguing part in this series is that the author uses components of those “small town sugar coated” romances and places some really tough soldiers in that setting.


And I can not help myself I love wounded warrior novels.


Also Ms. Davis used a clever spin as spice in this series (which I will not give away because using the words I would have to use to describe it some people might consider this book belonging to another genre and that is not true – it is just a little spice and not really a genre switch)


It seems that each book in the series will focus on a different couple and I have my feelings on what the next book(s) might be about.


Also the reader will find a background story that connects all of the books and that is connected to the fact that all of the leading characters are soldiers.


Reece and Gina were a great pairing and their developing relationship was well written. The suspense that was added was just the icing to this cake.


I really like the way this series is developing I hope we will not have to wait to long for the next release.


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