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Author: Ariana Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: August 28


Their first run in would not be their last. Each time their paths intersected their connection was undeniable. She was seeking a love that only lived in her fantasies. He was seeking understanding from someone who would allow him to be the human he knew he was inside but couldn’t show the world for fear of the cost.

With everything against them, would they be the one each other so desperately needed? Would people, time and circumstance keep them apart? Would he be able to break free of expectation and reclaim his life? Would she ever openly be able to finally love like she always dreamed of and……. Turn To Stone

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I knew this job would be hard work. I’m not afraid of hard work, but this? This is a trial in patience and thinking on your feet to the extreme. It’s only been four days and it really feels like four weeks, yet sometimes only four hours. I’m a quick study and have a master’s degree in bullshit if I need it, but damn!
    Currently, I’m on another mission from Jordan. I really think he hates me. Why did he hire me if I’m so incompetent? Camryn said he would run me and boy, she was not kidding. I have a short turn around while the cast is getting updates to the schedule. I need to copy the sides for today so those are ready to go. Nothing like doing everything at the last minute. I knock on the makeup trailer door; my hands are way too full. The stacks are over my line of sight as I stumble less than gracefully in.
    “Hey Becca…Jordan requires your…” I finally look up and focus. It’s not her I find, it’s Julian. Shit, this is all I need. He’s in wardrobe already. His dark hair is a perfect mess. I should quit staring but I’m finding it hard to look away. I then recall the chill he gave me the other day. “Oh…I’m sorry. I was looking for Becca.”
I want to crawl into a hole… shit, any hole at this point. I want to call him out, but then, I just want to talk too. I start reorganizing my piles, along with my thoughts.
    “She’ll be right back. Something about running to the front office for a moment. Wait if you like.” He motions to the makeup chair across from him. If I like?! Part of me likes too much. The other part wants to run.
    “Are you sure you want me to? You acted like you didn’t know me the other day, and now you want me to have a casual seat?” And there goes my mouth. I expect him to bark back. That’s what I’m used to.
    He says again, “Alexandra, you can wait with me if you like.”   
“I can’t. I mean, I shouldn’t.” My knuckles are turning white over the scripts I have in my hand. My feet feel like they are stuck in quicksand. I can’t let nice blind me. I’ve done that before and ended up trapped.

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About Ariana Rose

Ariana Rose is a working wife and mother of two from the Minneapolis area. Her need to tell a good story has always been there but in earnest the last 6 years. She was inspired to take the leap to write a story by the encouragement of those who had come before her and those taking the journey with her. Turn To Stone is her debut.

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