All stars and all the feels. Absolutely effing EPIC. This is one of these times where capitals are a must. Hell, I bow down to the awesomeness of this author and can’t wait for more.

Characters & Chemistry

Ever since I met Hugh d’Ambry in the KD series I was smitten. It felt wrong to have a lady boner for him because he was the enemy. Roland’s right-hand man. Preceptor of the Iron Dogs. A butcher. A killer. But I just couldn’t help myself and here it is no different. He is flawed and a tortured soul. My smittenness turned into full out blown love. Nuff said. Moving on!

Elara Harper the White Warlock is one of the best heroines I wouldn’t put her on Kate Daniels level, but it is a close call. She has She calls herself unclean. Cursed. An abomination. A protector of her people against the Undead and the Remaining. deal with the devil. As they are the Departed.

There is an underlying connection and chemistry but these two can’t afford to show weaknesses to each other and they really do not like one another. They want to be equals. But in time the fondness that they have for one another starts to seep into their interactions.

Writing, Plot & Pace

The Plot as always is top notch. The Iron Dogs are being hunted down one by one and being killed by Landon Nez. The left-hand of Roland, the leader of the Golden Legion. It is time for Hugh to get out of his drunken stupor and lead the Iron Dogs. The Iron Dogs need a base and Elara and her people need protection. So, a tentative alliance begins. A mutual agreement. A marriage of convenience. But right till the very end we are missing out on the big picture.

There is a smooth flow to the writing and it is all fast paced and action packed. The secondary characters add additional depth to the story that I would love to see them all get books as well.

One thing that is commendable toward the author’s that Hugh’s character development when he realizes what Roland did in suppressing his conscience, his guilt for all the things that had done. We see him going through his inner demons and coming out on top. Hugh faces a choice that will either lead him down a path of destruction again or not. Let’s just say he makes the right choice. He is a protector instead of a butcher.

Got to say that I am intrigued as into what Elara is.

Update I made a mistake, he has sex with the airhead Vanessa remember it is a marriage of convenience. But once he is married, Vanessa tries to get back into his bed but he puts a stop to it. Not really cheating IMO.

We get to see Raphael, Andrea and Ascanio. And it is amazing. Last but not least. Hugh makes a statement and picks a side. I am so happy I could shit exclamation marks.


I always get nervous when I receive a book/ARC by an author that I adore and here it was the same. But when it comes to these two there is no need to be nervous.
Iron & Magic made my favourite 2018 shelf. It is action packed, totally kick arse and fast paced. A medieval vibe within a world that alternates between tech and magic.


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