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BLOG REVIEW : Dark Surrender (The Dark Ones Saga #3) by Rachel Van Dyken


May 15, 2017


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Title :              Dark Surrender

Author :           Rachel Van Dyken

Series :            The Dark Ones Saga #3

Release date :   December 12th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : I grew up as a prince…And lead the life of a King.There isn’t anyone or anything that doesn’t want me, that isn’t attracted to me. They can’t help it. And I sure as hell don’t want them to. I live for their lust, I crave touch like an addiction, I make them beg on their knees for one, simple, caress.As a male siren it’s my job to feed off emotion.And I was happy to do it.I am happy to do it.What I’m not happy about? Being told I have to mate with some withering human and stay loyal to that one person for the next few centuries. There’s a war coming and being the idiot I am–I offered to take one for the team in order to help a friend.Now my sexual appetite is taking a freaking kick in the nuts.And I’m left wondering if it’s worth it.If she’s worth it, with messy hair and dirty human hands.But I have a world to save.A job to do.Now, if only, she would just let me do it rather than fighting me at every turn. I’ve lived lifetimes as the most irresistible being on the planet.

Only to meet my match.

With one.




They say hells hot. They’re wrong.

Because Hope, my little human, is way hotter.

And before this is over–she may just singe me alive.


Review : Rachel van Dyken is that kind of author that manages to sell you a genre even if you did not want to read it at that moment or not at all.


I am not sure what I was looking for when I stumbled across the first book of the “Dark Ones”. I needed something different and somehow something drew me in. Shortly after that first glimpse at that book I noticed that the third in that series was supposed to be out soon and I thought “what could go wrong it is a “van Dyken” and started to read the series only to finish the first books right as the third appeared on my kindle to follow”


And what can I say. This author touches a genre and places her remarkable writing skill into a plot that will draw you and refuses to let you go. You have to enjoy it from the first to the last page. This series might be the one to turn people into reading paranormal novels even if they do not like them.


I am not sure it is a spoiler or not but if you follow the series you know that this is Alex book. It was different from what I expected – but that is the beauty of all that is “van Dyken’d”. Her characters are always equal to each other and also equally strong as they are weak.


But it was a fun ride – and also emotional at times to follow Alex journey to his purpose. Which was an interesting development but then – aren’t they always with this author ?… She is the queen of U-Turns in the last chapters


The variety of paranormal characters she digs up is incredible. If I had to choose one beside our most favorite Dark One … it would be Mason … Mason captured my heart from the first book on and I can hardly wait to hear his story.


I loved the plot and I am sure you will love it too and I hope to read Mason’s story soon …


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