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ATTIC REVIEW : Make Me (Black Lilith #3) by Hazel Jacobs


May 16, 2017


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Title :              Make Me

Author :           Hazel Jacobs

Series :            Black Lilith #3

Release date :   November 28th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : Harper Styles can’t believe she’s really doing this. It’s one thing to take a job as an escort to pay her way through college. It’s another thing to fly to Iowa and pretend to be some stranger’s girlfriend so he can get through a wedding without his family climbing all over him. She’s outside of the airport when she meets possibly the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. Later, in the first class lounge, she realizes that this man is her client—Slate, world-famous drummer for Black Lilith. Slate needs a girlfriend to deflect his parents’ attention from his womanizing, rockstar lifestyle. Unable to convince his best friends to lend him their girlfriends, he’s resorted to hiring an escort to pretend to be his lover and smooth the rough relationship he has with his family. She asks him for his real name, but he gives her a coy smile that makes her weak at the knees. He also makes it absolutely clear that he will not sleep with a woman he’s paying. As long as she’s technically his employee, he will not take advantage. But the chemistry between them is immediate.Harper can be anything a man needs, but she’s starting to realize that what Slate really needs is a woman to break through his walls.


Review : Make Me (Black Lilith #3) by Hazel Jacobs offers an super intriguing point of view on the concept of Rockstar Romance. The writing style of this author is very refreshing and I enjoyed the book very much.


It was my first by this author and I will surely keep an eye on the next book of this author. I did not read the first two books in that series and it seems I missed quite some good stories so far, because meeting the characters from the first books in “make me” surely shows off a wide range of well developed and interesting leads.


But don’t worry you will be able to read this book as a standalone if you want to. 


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