I never had one. Never even knew what a dream was until a certain unassuming Carpino waltzed into my life. That day my world tilted.

It became unhinged.

I might not have been a dreamer, but she was.

She wrote the words missing from my life. Her notes ignited my heart. Her flame lit up my darkness.

Her dreams became mine and I’d move heaven and earth to give them life.

Especially when my past surfaced and threatened to kill every dream we had.
Until Avery, I had nothing.

But I’m Link Forester. I’d fight for her, for us, because right now, I have everything to lose.

Warning: The author will have a dramatic fit—Scarlett O’Hara style—if anyone under the age of eighteen touches this book.

About the Author

Brynne Asher lives in the Midwest with her husband, three children, and her perfect dog. When she isn’t creating pretend people and relationships in her head, she is running her kids around and doing laundry. She enjoys cooking, decorating, shopping at outlet malls as well as online and is always seeking the best deal. A perfect day in “Brynne World” ends in front of an outdoor fire with family, friends, s’mores, and a delicious cocktail.


I had the honour of snagging an interview with the fabulous Brynne. Go and check it out here. 


Now the best to come my review


First thoughts after reading.

Absolute amazeballs. Did I have a goofy smile at the end of this book? Hell yeah. Is that normal? Eff NO. I. Am. One. Happy. Bunny.

The Characters.

Avery Carpino the responsible one, the one to have never broken a rule but is about to break every rule in the book. But screw the consequences. Studying in Nashville child development she is secretly there to become a songwriter. A friend of a friend did her a favour that one of her songs is being played. She just has to get into The Knot. She’s not quite 21 though. With a fake ID and batting her eye lashes shouldn’t be a problem right? Wrong.

“Sweetheart, [….] But it’s your eyes – they’re not hazel. They’re the perfect shade of dark, melted chocolate, so deep and dusky, I can almost see into your lying, underaged soul.”

And she is bounced.

I love Avery she is strong, she follows her dreams when she does something she goes all out. When she loves, she loves deeply. She loves her family and her second huge arse family the Maysons. Avery is calm and collective. She is the kind of gal you want to have your back.

Link Forrester left Vegas cause he needed a change of scenery and well there was that slight thing with the club where he used to work. Now he owns the The Knot in Nashville. The downside of being back home? His parents. But he has the Maysons. After bouncing a beauty she still manages to sneak into the club. He is intrigued by her skin, her thick hair and that she thinks she can blend into the background.

Link is everything I want in a Hero. He may be an honorary Mayson but even the honorary members get their BOOM. HE is an alpha through and through. He is overprotective goes for what he wants and has always done is own thing. I adore him.

The Chemistry.

The hotness and sweetness of these two is off the charts. Not only did they share that moment when she got bounced *lol* but also when they listened to her song together. Till she left and he thought that he would never see her again. But when they do meet again he goes all caveman. Sigh. The best.

The Writing & Plot.

Ms. Asher decided to go back to the Carpinos and add in the Maysons and you have a winner. And I’m not taking about the younger generation of the Maysons. Nope. Old school Maysons, peeps! My favourite.

Ms. Brynne delivered a solid plot with some angst, steaminess, great suspense. No man whore and no other woman drama. What I always want need in a book. Her writing as always is flawless and flowed well. By adding sugar and spice at different intervals making it one adorable, sensual, sexy and enticing read.

Two things that had really stuck out.

1. Only a Mum really knows how to guilt trip like no other. It was like talking to my mum and I’m 37.

2. The epilogue and the extended epilogue are the cherry on the sundae.

The Verdict.

Suffice to say that I love this book, I adore this book. For me BA can take on all of the Untils and totally kick arse.

It is always hard for an author to write a novella that can be spot on with the story, chemistry, characters and writing. This has been achieved and the Ms. Asher sure does know what she is doing.
I see this as a reread in my future and it nearly is equal to the awesomeness that is Athica Lane but not quite. Not quite. Still my all-time favourite.


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