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Welcome to the interview with Ms. Asher!


Ms. Asher’s new release is Until Avery which is part of the Aurora Rose Reynolds ‘Until’ Series. Ms. Asher’s book isn’t the only one. Authors also include Layla Frost, CP Smith and many many more. They all release today (3rd April)

Ms. Asher is one of my all time favourite authors and I have read all of her books. She takes her time with her characters, breathes life in to them. Gives them flaws, makes them human in every way possible. It is realistic romance and I love them. So yes I am biased. 

Let’s get started peeps!

JBA: Let’s start this with something fun. Right now at the start of our interview what quote comes to your mind?

BA: Right now, “It’s Tricky” by RUN DMC.  I was listening to my playlist called “Get Off Your Ass”.  It was the last thing I heard and now I can’t get it out of my head. 

JBA: How did you decide, one day, to write romance novels and why did you choose this genre of books?

BA: I was a romance binge reader—4-5 books a week. I would have read more if my life allowed. One day I thought to myself, I wonder if I can do this, too? So, I sat down to see if I could write a scene. Then a chapter, and six weeks later, all those chapters turned into a book. A very rough book. It took me an entire year to get up the nerve to publish. Waiting a year has been my only regret.

JBA: How do you know what the title of the book is going to be? Do you before you start the book or is the decision made afterwards?

BA:  Some titles come to me quickly and others are hard. It took me forever to title Overflow. My Killers came to me before I ever started the books and I know the next one already. But my two current WIPs? I have no clue what the title will be and, quite frankly, it’s driving me nuts! Haha

JBA: Is there a book which marked you and helped you making the decision to be a writer?

BA: No, I can’t think of any one book or author. It was really just my love for the genre.

JBA: If you could choose an author to collaborate on who would it be? And what would you write? Aurora Rose Reynolds doesn’t count any more lol

BA: To write with Aurora Rose Reynolds?  Oh, hell to the yes!  Dream!  I’d also love to collaborate with Layla Frost.  I swear, sometimes we’re in one another’s heads.  It’s a little freaky.

JBA: Readers often wonder how much of you and/or your surroundings is part of your stories? Is the influence based on a conscious decision, or do you periodically recognize yourself in one of your characters without having planned it? 

BA: I do think there’s a little bit of me in all my heroines.  We might share a like or a personality quirk, even if it’s slight.  I think life experiences are so important.  I find the more I get out in the world and experience life, the more inspired I am to write. 

JBA: What does your perfect writing day look like? Do you plan when and how long you write, or does it happen without planning?

BA: I write best in the mornings, but I usually don’t get started until my kids are off to school and the hubs is gone to work.  Other than that, if I’m in a mode, I try to sneak time here and there to write.  I’m by all means not a full-time author. 

JBA: Name three characteristics of your writing style that are important yet different from other authors

BA: Heroines, secondary characters, and balance.   

BA: My heroines are very important to me.  I hope they are all strong in their own way, yet still feminine.  I love secondary characters—they add so much to a story.  Even animals <3  Finally, a book that has balance is important to me.  I like angst, drama, humor, and suspense.  But too much of one thing in a book can drag it down.  The best humor isn’t laugh out loud material.  The best times to insert humor is during an angsty moment and usually at the expense of one of the main characters.  Self-deprecating is always the best!

JBA: In your experience, what do you consider the most difficult part of writing a book, (including the preparations and after-publication-process)?

BA:MARKETING.  That’s all I have to say about that. 

JBA: Every author probably has a favorite character they have created.  When you look back on the books you have written, which character would you like to meet if it were possible to do so? (name / book)  What would be the first question you would like to ask him/her?

BA: This is so hard! Usually my favorite characters are the ones I’ve just finished writing.  Uuuummmmm … okay, here’s one.  Jarvis!  He’s still working circles in my head.  I want to ask him what the hell’s wrong with him and who crossed him to make him so gruff.  I mean, I know who crossed him, but damn, I’m ready for the details.  lol

JBA: Which one of your characters seems to be the most independent, and has taken on a life of their own?

BA: Probably Paige Carpino/Montgomery.  She was in all three Carpinos and her character really came a long way.  She wasn’t even meant to get her own book.

Kate: OMG that is my favourite book ever, how could nearly NOT write a book about Paige and Cam. But thank you!

JBA: For you, what is the most important thing a story should contain to be loved? What makes you fall in love with a story?

BA: Wherever the storyline takes me, I want the characters to react realistically, even to unrealistic situations.  I think character growth makes me fall in love with a story.

JBA: Do you think your stories have this little something more you described in the previous question?

BA: If I put my characters in an unrealistic situation, I try my hardest for them to react like real humans.  Some readers thought Keelie took too long to come around for Asa, but she had issues.  She wouldn’t be a strong heroine if she didn’t work through those on her own, it wouldn’t be realistic, and it would be a little boring. 

JBA:Do you feel that with each book you release that you have to hit one of the bestselling lists?

BA: No.  And since I never have, that’s a good thing I don’t stress myself out with that.  That would be exhausting.  ?

JBA: What scares you the most when you release a new story?

BA: I always want my next release to be better than the last.  My biggest fear is that it won’t be.

JBA: What genre would you say intimidates you the most and why?

BA: PNR.  I don’t read it much and I’m not sure I have the mind or creativity to do it, but if I can think of a storyline, I’d love to try my hand at it. 

JBA: What is the first book you read that comes to mind? Why is it so important to you?

BA: The first book ever that I can remember?  The Box Car Children.  I remember thinking, “Who would let these kids live in a boxcar?  Where is their family?”  I was obviously a sheltered child.  lol

JBA: What author/actor or musician do you ‘fan girl’ over?

BA: Who do I not fangirl over?  Probably LJ Shen.  She can craft a beautiful sentence. 

JBA:Would you like to see your work turned into film/series?

BA: Probably the Killers.  There would be more action in those.

JBA:If you had an alter ego what would it be?

BA: I think I am my own alter ego.  Lol  I never thought I’d be an author.

JBA:What do you like to do when you are not writing? What do you think your profession would be if you were not an author? 

BA: When I’m not writing I spend time with my family or take care of my family.  Before I started writing I was a fulltime mom and before that I was a corporate recruiter and before that worked in marketing in the tech industry. 

JBA: What is the most touching reaction you have ever received from a fan?

BA: I can say this with all sincerity—every single time a reader reaches out to me, I’m in awe they chose my book to read and then took the time out of their life to express how they felt about my book.  I’m continually humbled and I hope I always stay that way.

JBA: What’s the weirdest review/comment you’ve ever got?

BA: One time a reader said they bet Crew spent all his extra time between jobs in sex clubs.  Ah … he didn’t because it wasn’t in the book, but okay.  I mean, is that the start of fan-fiction?  Lol.  I doubt it. 

JBA: While being interviewed, which question do you find the most annoying to answer and which one do you wish to never hear again? (Hoping its none that we asked #laughing)  Would you tell us what question you would love being asked during an interview? (and the answer to that question) 

BA: Haha! They were great questions!  I think you’ve covered it all! 

JBA: Do you have anything you would like to share with your readers? Anything you would like to tell them?

BA: Only that I love them and I’ll never take them for granted. ?



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