4.5 ‘Even In Death’ Stars.

Ava had a tough choice to make betray Calix and his brothers or burn in hell next to her sadistic brother. Being half human/ half fallen she decided to betray Calix and a day doesn’t go by without her regretting it.

But her freedom didn’t last for long being captured by a mad scientist and being injected with a deadly virus haven’t helped her current situation. After months she finally manages to escape and goes to the only place she feels safe the one place where she might not be wanted.

The heart wants what the heart wants, and Calix half incubus/Wrath wants Ava despite her betrayal and the pain that she has caused. After months of starving himself she reappears but not without consequences.

Calix must learn to trust Ava again but ends up forgiving her because she redeems herself on numerous accounts. I didn’t particularly care about these two in the other books, but I have a place saved in my heart just for them.

I loved the chemistry between these two off the charts hot and slightly kinky.

“Death by blowjob? That’s exactly how I want to go.”

There is just something about this series that makes it really addictive. It is action-packed, exciting and you submerge yourself into a world you don’t want to leave. Ms. Lake delivers a great paranormal series with ups and downs for all characters. Gritty, with flawed characters but you can’t help but love. It shows the belly of the underworld with all its twisted glory.

You can clearly feel the bond that the Wrath Brothers have with one another and the connection they have to their mates. It’s like you are part of the gang and are in on the action. I’m going to be honest here I thought that I wouldn’t like it, but I am glad that I did, and I need the other books now.

Out of all the males in the book it is hard to choose a favorite they are all VERY appealing. I l love logan, Gavin and Calix but there is also something about Ferno, Zayne and Xander (kind of feel as if I shouldn’t like the fallen angel) but there are worse things in life.

There were times when I was biting on my nails with what was going to happen next and at 81 % I got so peeved off it was unbelievable. Surly the author wouldn’t cross that line. Sweet baby Jesus all I can say is that she didn’t cross that line. Otherwise I would have gone on a rampage. It’s not a pretty sight when that happens. I become a mini version of the Hulk. I just don’t turn green.

Finally, a series I am up to date on. I really hope to see Denya and Zayne get a book. Zayne so needs some TLC and he is in some serious deep shite.

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