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He stuck the knife in the ground and stripped off his leathers. The tunic came off, revealing a long, lean, muscled torso, covered in tattoos. Snakes ran up and down his arms, his pecs and his shoulders. A skull blazed on his chest.
Then he was pushing apart my legs, settling between my thighs, leaning over me. He smelled of smoke, leather and musk. It was terrifying, like being at the mercy of an animal.

Falsely accused, Wynne is determined to clear her name. However, a trip to petition the Steward at Brighthelme turns disastrous when the Beasts, fearsome warriors from the frozen north, raze the city. When Wynne is carried away, she’s determined to regain her freedom but Rune, her captor, has other ideas.

Beast is set in Prydain, an imaginary place that combines Anglo-Saxon England with Medieval England, the Teutonic Kingdom and the Viking Age. This story contains kidnapping, dubious consent and graphic violence, however, it is a love story rather than a dark romance. It is a standalone novel; no cliff-hangers.



Beast is different and it won’t be for everyone. The characters and where it all takes place is pure fiction but there is a mix between the Vikings and Anglo Saxon England with some other more modern day objects included.

The blurb sounded interesting and seeing as the author contacted me and asked for a read and review and why the hell not?

As I said and I can only emphasise the fact that this will not be for everyone.

There is non consenual acts, there is dubious content and there is the sharing of women between the Beasts from the North. If you can oversee all that then you might like it. Admittedly it was hard for me but once they started to get to know one another, Rune & Wynne (the MC) I really liked it.  And Ms. Admas in one of the authors that  doesn’t sugarcoat it.

Wynne’s inner ramblings did do my nut in to be honest so that is why I docked a star, the content wasn’t to a certain point for me but as I need and like diversity in reading, I’m not complaining. I would have liked to have seen Rune talking more in the book.

Book received by Ms. Adams in exchange for an honest review. 

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