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This is the third time I’ve seen that light blue bug. The third time I’ve seen that long brown hair fall across her shoulder. The third time I’ve seen her wipe a tear from her eye.

Mia Brown wants to say good-bye.

Brett Myers needs a new start.

When their paths cross on a long stretch of Highway 85, these two strangers will learn just how much they need each other to heal.



4 Booty Hunter Stars.

A short, sweet, heart-warming and emotional read.

Most authors can’t pull of short novellas the way I like them but Ms. Day landed a jackpot with me here.

The beginning of the book was heart breaking and sucked me in and I was dying to know how it was going to end.

Mia is at a crossroad in her life. She doesn’t know what she wants from life but she knows it’s not what she has at the moment. Which means a dead end job and a controlling boyfriend who is a dipshit. Mia is adopted and on top of that she lost her father to cancer and her mother wasn’t interested. She finds her biological mother and they form a relationship. But her biological mother Sarah is sick so she goes out to see her. Mia decides that it is the perfect time to split up with him although he doesn’t seem to agree.

Brett is at a different crossroads in his life and it is up to him to make a choice. In some ways that choice is made for him. So he is off to Texas to his new job along the way he sees a blue bug and can’t help but be curious about the car and the driver.

Mia in her blue bug stops to get petrol and is then approached by Brett. They become driving partners and they move quickly from friends to more.

I liked Mia and Brett and their interactions between one another.

This is a feel good, positive vibe story where anything can be possible and even if they haven’t known one another very long that person can carve out a place in your heart and life pretty quickly.
I kind of knew what was going to happen but it didn’t make the book any less interesting. But not all is rosy in Phoenixland following bothered me.

An open end ending.

That the grandparents didn’t talk to Mia and were horrible.
That I didn’t get to see more of them together.

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