There actually was a tingling in my fingers when I saw that I had Savage by LA Fiore on my kindle. I was itching to get home and to have time to start devouring it.


Some authors just do that to you …Sure there might be plots of them that I do not like and will not read even if they write them. But IF I like the plot then I can be pretty sure that the book will be everything I imagine and sometimes even more.


I might make a top 10 list of books I loved within a year but I will never make a Top10 list of authors … I can’t and I won’t but IF I did I am pretty PRETTY sure this author would be on it.


Sometimes I think I need to carry a recording device with me at all times when I read because I usually have the most vivid thoughts for my reviews the moments I read the book. In case of this book I had several approaches ready and later when I sat down to write they have all disappeared usually leaving me (in cases of a great book like this) with a bad case of book hangover and no idea what kind of book to read after a journey like this.


The most intense feeling I am left with is that not everything in life is black and white. There really is a lot of grey and not all is wrong or right. Sometimes there is a something in-between. I was surprised about the way those darker areas wove their way through the story. Maybe it was because of the deep introduction I got to the characters but those dark areas sort of felt like not dark at all.


There were moments when I understood the thoughts of the female lead all too well . Even I as a reader should SO NOT be OK what was going on. I mean there were people (NO spoilers from me – sorry) but I was just feeling kind of “That is the way it is and we will go from here”. Should I be worried about my line of thinking?


Usually I would be worried but I know in this specific case it’s the Fiore Magic hidden in the wafts of mist behind some Kilts in the Highlands. I know many people have tried their Hand in Versions of Beauty and the Beast. Some are good and some failed. And honestly I am not even sure if it was the authors intention to go in that direction but still I am pretty sure that lovers of that specific tale will love this book.


The characters often talk about a very different fairytale (and it fits the story while they do it) but to use that tale here as a comparison would not work as nobody would get the deeper meanings behind it without knowing the details.


There is a lot of magic in that story without even a touch of paranormal. I actually saw myself there with the leads in that beautiful setting. My mind conjured a complete movie style setting and it might be because of the place but somehow even Sean Connery got a role in my play.


Random thoughts :


While I do not agree with how a certain situation was handled because it did not fit my view of the female lead I got why it was done because the characters explained themselves well.


Someone said this is a Dark Romance … it might be compared to other books of this author but I personally think a Dark Romance in this kind of genre is something like Sick Fux by Tillie Cole – this book here is more a grey romance with damaged leads that are good in their core.


Let’s get rid of the ugly  – people … it’s Christmas …(soon-ish)




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