3.5 Bourbon Sauce & Bread Pudding Stars.

As a new to me author I hadn’t read anything by Ms. Sutton and believe me I did some snooping after I received the ARC and was somewhat disappointed but just because there were some unfavourable reviews based on her other series I decided to bite the bullet. What is the worst that could have happened? I wouldn’t have liked it at worst I would have DNF it.

Or in this case….

It is a winner I really enjoyed Beck & Ava Grace’s story. I am pleasantly surprised. It is sweet, refreshing with a touch of angst there are some things though that I wasn’t entirely thrilled about. But I’ll get to that later.

Ava Grace has music in her blood but a management change is putting her in a position where she needs to garner more male fans. Her bestie’s husband has an idea be the spokesperson for Trinity.
Jonah Beck like his father and grandfather has bourbon in his blood. But a painful past moved him from Kentucky to San Francisco to open his distillery but he doesn’t want to be in the limelight so he manages to bag Ava Grace as his spokesperson and so an undeniable attraction develops.

The book started off really strong and it continued all the way throughout. The MC chemistry is off the charts and the author does a really good job but sometimes I felt that there is a lack of depth that the characters could have and should have when they have the connection that these two have. There is easy banter and a relationship that they truly have to work at.

The one thing that really stuck out and Ms. Sutton I am extremely happy about this. The HERO is NOT a MANHO. I repeat he is NOT a MANHO. So refreshing. Our heroine does a lot of the chasing at the beginning also very refreshing yet she doesn’t come on to strong. The balance is just right.

Now although the Hero isn’t a manho. He behaves like an arse on numerous times throughout the book, the heroine actually takes a stand and he has to work for it although she gave in to quickly at the end IMO but then again I can also hold a mean grudge. Beck’s insecurities get in the way. Yes the bloke is the one with the insecurities and not the heroine. Once again different. He finally gives in to his feelings and it seems such a hardship. So there is a push/pull.

Now this really did my nut in constantly Ava Grace this and Ava Grace I’m begging you Ms. Sutton just get her friends to call her Ava, I shortened it to Ava cause otherwise I would have thrown my kindle against the wall. What you do to save your kindle, lol.

Overall a solid book with a great characters and an adorable story that could have had a bit more depth and not so rushed at the end. It has everything I want in a romance. There is also no o/w-o/m drama.

Once again I’ve written too much and I really recommend this book.

More to come in the series and I can’t wait
Tipsy-Turvy (Trinity Distillery #1.5) Kyle & Mercy – Spring 2018
Bottled Up (Trinity Distillery #2) Ren’s Story (hopefully with Sasha) – Summer 2018
Chased Down (Trinity Distillery #3) Gabe’s Story – Fall 2018

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