The old adage of don’t judge a book by a cover couldn’t be truer than it is here.

I’m a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to Dax. Overall, I can say that I it is a very enjoyable read which can be gathered by my 4-star rating.

But there were some things that made me question now why, why would you do that?

The Bad Boys of Willow Valley now get their turn to find love. It is now Dax & Ava’s turn to fall in love.

Ava was taken in after a truly awful childhood by Rowdy being pregnant at the age of 19 didn’t help. Dax is Rowdy’s son so there never was a way to avoid the unavoidable. Dax and Ava have known one another for years. They have always had feelings for each other but each year it is getting harder and harder not to act on those feelings. But a tragedy brings them together.

Dax’s way of dealing with those unwanted feelings and a certain fear that could make him weak he is a playboy. He is a grouch and acts like he is a tough guy but deep down he is a good guy. He cultivated his image and now he must prove that he isn’t really that person.

I had my issues with Dax to begin with but the more I got to know him and see him for who he is I really liked him a lot.

Ava has found a home with Rowdy for her and her daughter Olivia. A town she feels comfortable in and dating men that are sensible. No one wants to date boring and sensible men. She is strong and independent but she pulled that card out at the wrong moments. She should have leant on Dax and not be a pain about it. Then the end where she is being dumb, yeah, no words for that. So, I like her barely.

What I didn’t like was that Dax’s manwhore ways were constantly brought to the front of the plot. The heroine needed it to protect herself which I get but it was mentioned at least one too many times. When it came to this she had major insecurities and asked if he’s slept with one woman. Why would you do that woman?

There is a lot of push and pull in the relationship that they have. There were so many obstacles for them to overcome and currently I can’t decide if they were necessary or not.

I enjoy the author’s writing style very much and she knows how to suck you in and keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. There is angst, there is romance and there is honesty with characters that are real and flawed and not perfect. There are sweet moments, heartbreaking moments and laugh out loud moments all tightly wrapped up into a wonderful package.
The secondary characters of Stone, Olivia, Wanda, Rowdy and yes even Hawk added to the book and I hope to see Stone get a book. Hmmm, not too sure about Hawk but I’m sure that Ms. Leah will rock it.

Until the next book in the series Ms. Leah



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