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November 17, 2017

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Natasha Knight



May 26th 2017




Disgrace: the condition of one fallen from grace.She is my forbidden fruit. The one temptation I cannot resist.


The first night…I rescued her from an attack in the seedy underground of New York City.


The second night…She told me the first of many lies.She thinks she can keep me out of her world, but she’s in over her head. Watching her, being near her, it gives breath to something dark inside me. Something primal and forbidden. Forbidden to me.


Because in six months, I’ll be an ordained priest.And she complicates things.She thinks she’ll become my disgrace. Truth is, my fall had begun the moment I’d laid eyes on her.





Disgraced by Natasha Knight was so not what I expected. So I am not really sure how to voice my review on it. First of all, it was my first book by this author so I have to say I really liked her writing style and the story development.


And my no following slightly negative sounding review is only due to the fact that the plot developed in a way that I was NOT expecting and that is NOT due to something mentioned in the Blurb so I was unaware of that fact when choosing to read the book.


Every reviewer has genres they’d rather avoid and one of that genre’s for me is crossing into the plot of this story. Which means very honestly that I might not have chosen that book had I known that fact. As I am trying not to give away any spoilers that is all I can say about it.


Maybe adding that it is related to the past of the female lead. So for me when I choose the book I was expecting a plot that was focusing on the fact (and no spoiler here as it is mentioned in the blurb) that the male lead is about to become a priest.


And that sure is part of the story but for me it was not the story focus. That was more on the past of the female lead (which as a said crossed hard on a genre I do not like to read so much – I admit there are expectations to that rule but the basic is like that)


The development of the actual relationship – where I was expecting the lager struggle for the plot – was not the problem. At least it did not feel to me like that, because their decisions were made fast (at least from his side) and the struggle did not feel real.


And for me that left a romance novel with a male lead that had a road bump before finding the women he loved. Where the female lead was having major issues that were rather life altering and took most of the plotline for them.


So in the best possible situation I would say this book has two plot strings and the one chosen for the blurb and the title were not the ones that held up the story as it developed. But in any way this is not me saying this book is bad or anything and I am pretty sure the writing style and story development of this author will draw readers in.


It is simply that the mayor issue in the book was woven around a string that was not for me. I loved the parts about the fact that he was a priest and his (rather short) struggle and the relating development of their relationship. But as for the rest I assume others will be better judges to that – so enjoy.



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