Amended review

There were disputes about my review as I’d only read up to a specific mark in the book so I’ve decided to finish it and would you look at that it still gets 3 Stars. But one day before my holiday I agreed to removing my the star rating. I think I would have given up my firstborn to go on holiday without anybody annoying me. So, I’m sticking to my word but I do not agree with the behaviour that I have encountered. Flag me because my review is HONEST and I actually wanted to give it 2 Stars but I am feeling benevolent so I gave it 3.

A solid reader base isn’t built on falsities IMO. But on honest opinions of what is written by the reviewer. Nuff said on to my review

I can clearly see why everyone else has loved the book and I am in the minority here and it does pain me to say that it isn’t my cuppa but in this case it is me and not the book. The beginning starts out strong and the author sucks you into the book and you need to know more and you need it as quick as possible but along the way I got lost. I felt as if the pace of the story was going somewhere but then it stopped but picked up some time later. But that ruined it for me.

I was enjoying the spooky aspect of everything but when the main characters meet they have sex on the same day. For some of you this won’t be an issue but it was for me. I am still convinced that I didn’t feel any connection between the couple and was under the impression they didn’t even like one another. The connection they felt to one another felt unrealistic after such a short time passing.

As to the plot of Alcott Manor? Brilliant, spooky and interesting until it got too spooky for me and creepy. I found everything to be promising but the heroine ruined a lot for me and her inner musings. At the time I read the book I was home but I picked it up during my holiday and it seemed to work better. It is a good Gothic Romance and the author has put a lot of effort into the book.

I, myself am a firm believer so it was still tricky for me at times. My hat off to the author to scarring the bejesus out of me.

Nevertheless I would still recommend this book even if it isn’t my type of book. It has strong elements that I liked but alas not enough to give it a higher rating.

Book received in exchange for an honest review.


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