Steal by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just a few days ago I mentioned to a friend that only an exceptionally great author manages to write stories in different genres and different ways, that attract totally different readers.

Rachel van Dyken is one of those authors, there are some of her books that I did not read because the blurb did not appeal to me , some I loved to so much it hurt and then there are books like “Steal”.

The plot of this book was in the middle of those categories and I knew the result could go either way when I started reading it.
And I am telling the truth when I say that if any other author would have tried to tell this story in his own words I most probably would not have finished this book.

But Rachel manages to find a voice that will not let you quit once you started reading. Sounds shocking you think? Well imagine feeling captured and bound by a book. And here is another shock for you – I did not even like the characters…. But… I loved the pot and the storytelling.

I was inside the plot and could not stop reading. Usually I crave a connection to the characters to like a book but in this case I was spellbound by the plot. When I think about it might be that the author created this feeling (or in my case NON feeling) for the characters on purpose, because it truly fits the setting. At certain points I actually thought I could taste the hate … so yes it was a pretty exiting journey that I can only recommend.


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