Broken Lyric
Broken Lyric by R.B. Hilliard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Looking for a sweet Rockstar romance here ? I think you took the wrong exit … because “Broken Lyric” R.B. Hillard’s second book in the Meltdown series is non of what you are looking for.

The journey of the leading characters is painful and the road they are traveling is dark.
I admit that it would not be one of my favorites under normal circumstances but this author has woven some magic in-between the pages (of this electronic file #har har) that I read.

Even if the story did not make me laugh out loud or cry like a river (hence the reason why it only received 4 stars instead of 5) – it still has so much depth that the reader can not help but suffer with the characters.


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Will they overcome all the obstacles in their way? Their reality seems hard and final … yet the reader can not help but hope and wonder for two really amazingly written characters…


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