Title: Book Boyfriend
Author: Claire Kingsley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: April 6, 2017


He’s too hot for words.
Alex Lawson might as well be the hottest book boyfriend imaginable. A fun, romantic, possessive, panty-melting man. And the best part?
He’s real.
For a girl like me—a slightly awkward book addict—Alex is a dream come true, straight off the pages of my favorite romance novels. But our story is turning into a whirlwind romance—the kind that only exists in books.
And I wonder if we’re heading toward our own happily ever after, or if he’s too good to be true.
Here’s the thing. I’m not a bad guy. Lying to Mia wasn’t part of the plan.
Finding success as a romance author using a female pen name wasn’t part of the plan either. But sometimes life takes unexpected turns.
Like realizing the woman you’re falling for is your alter-ego’s online best friend.

Online, she thinks I’m a woman named Lexi. In person, she knows I’m all man. I want to worship her body and claim every inch of her.

But if she finds out the truth, I could lose everything.

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Author Bio

Claire Kingsley writes smart, sexy romances. She’s in love with love, and finds inspiration in the stories of broken people who find love and healing together—with a generous dose of steam.

She can’t imagine life without coffee, her Kindle, and the sexy heroes who inhabit her imagination. She’s living out her own happily ever after in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three kids.

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You are a Bookworm ? You are addicted to reading ? That kind of reader that glances at his kindle sticking out of a purse thinking on how to get way with a few minutes of reading when anyway you are only waiting?
Well then this book is your payment for all the times that people glared at you. Told you that you should get a real life and that books are only phantasies. Well I sure had a great time reading this story.
I saw myself in so many of those moments that my cheeks actually hurt from laughing at one point. But don’t get me wrong this story is no joke, no it just felt so good. And you want it to be real, because it feels real.
Because as a bookworm you face so much judgement that it was a great moment when this book showed me that indeed I am not alone in this. Please if you love reading so much like me you need to get yourself a copy of this book badly.
This is my first book by this author and I devoured it by the approved “A book A Day” method and I regret nothing – well maybe one thing – that it is over …
The characters were great MIA is like “us”. She is the essence of the misjudged bookworms of the world and Alex is what every woman wants. He is what so hard to find in Guys especially when you measure with all that us Addicts read about.
It is not that long ago that I was making fun with a friend and we were considering exactly what Mia said to Alex about what a Guy should do when first meeting a woman.
So I was a goner for this book already at that point and it only became better. Their thoughts and actions, their building relationship and not to forget this hilarious cat.
Well please read for yourself and be prepared for a hell of a book ride.
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