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Anson Steele, along with his two brothers and father, lives by one code: Help all in need. Even if it means saving those who walk among the most sinister criminals in the world. Known as The Black Stallions, their mission is simple – provide rescue and safety to the innocents drawn into the evil depths of the underground.
Natalia Alvarez has been sold to the leader of one of Argentinian’s largest drug cartels at an underground human auction. Being sold to the highest bidder, she is now nothing more than a possession of Juan Montez and hidden away deep within the walls of his South American compound.

Anson Steele has been on the hunt for Natalia since the day he first saw her at the auction and helplessly had to watch her while not being able to do a thing about it. But he has made it is life’s mission to find this woman and pull her out of the depths of hell at whatever cost. She will be his save one way or another.
With the backdrop of the mission being the unforgiving jungles and the dangerous streets of Argentina, and escaping a foreign country near impossible, is Natalia doomed to be locked away forever?

While fighting against a powerful drug cartel and their ruthless leader, will Anson Steele be able to rescue Natalia before it is too late? Will they both be able to find refuse in The Black Stallion Ranch and put this awful nightmare behind them?


The last installment in the trilogy kind of left me disappointed. Don’t get me wrong this book has its merits.  

I have to say that I prefer the main characters in this book to the others in the previous books. Anson isn’t as hotheaded as Maddox or Stryder. 

Anson is meticulous and is the clever one of the bunch. He plans it all out but he didn’t count on Natalia recognizing him and not wanting to go with him. Since he saw Natalia at the auction he can’t get her out of his head.  

Anson is a strong alpha lead but knows that when he isn’t capable of doing something he concedes and lets Natalia take the lead. Refreshing I tell you.  

Natalia Alvarez former Drug Cartel Princess lost her whole family in a massacre to the Montez Cartel. She planned to be at that auction to avenge her family but after six months. She willing went with Montez. But there is something holding her back. 

Natalia is a sassy heroine with a backbone made of steel but she was also a tad boring. She showed some vulnerability but there was just too much time they spent alone in the jungle in Argentina. Yes, I know they get to know one another and all that jazz but nothing happens.  

These two authors know how to write and they bring real emotions into the book and they harmonize well with one another. The story is captivating and has you in high anticipation of what is going to happen. But for some reason it just didn’t work for me.  But that’s not to say that it won’t work for you. 

If I would have to try and pinpoint it why it personally didn’t work for me then I would say that I found the plot of the drug cartel to be slightly weaker compared to what happened in books 1 & 2. But nevertheless, an enjoyable read with likeable characters and authors who know what they are doing.  

An epilogue for all would have been the icing on the cake and that Anson did fulfill his “cheesy” dream of climbing Mount Everest as a homage to his parents.





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