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Bryan Leech is a cad.
Or, he *was* a cad.
No one is quite certain.
Once the quintessential playboy, Bryan claims he’s done with wild parties and weekend benders. No more one night stands leading to mornings he can’t remember; no more binges and blackouts; no more exploits plastered all over the tabloids and rag sheets. According to Bryan, he’s cleaning up his act.
The only problem is, no one believes him.


Eilish Cassidy never thought she’d be a mother at nineteen or still in college at twenty-four. Cut off from every member of her family except her favorite cousin, she’s finally managed to put her life back together. Stronger and wiser, Eilish enters her last semester of university determined to stand on her own. Now she just needs to find an internship.
The only problem is, her best option—by far—places her directly in the path of her son’s father, and he doesn’t remember her at all.



Bryan is determined to prove he’s changed. Eager to settle down with the right woman, he’s got his sights set on the gorgeous redhead who seems terribly familiar.
Eilish is determined to hide her secret. She’ll do anything to keep her child safe, even if that means ignoring her own wishes and desires.
But what happens when Bryan starts to remember? And what will it take for Bryan to convince the girl he forgot that she’s unforgettable?


Did I think this would work? Hell no.


Did I read it anyway? Hell yes.


Was it worth the read? Abso-fu$king-lutely. Although not was all rainbows and unicorns here. Well for me anyway. Different strokes in all that jazz.


5 Karma is a Wanker Stars.


Our Hero/heroine had one passionate night at Ronan and Annie’s wedding. One problem? Ah Bryan is a bit fuzzy on the details. Okay fuzzy is an understatement but just go with it.


Meet the heroine of the book.



Eilish Cassidy is the black sheep of the family she sullied the family name. Outspoken was bad enough but also a fallen woman, a college dropout. A scandal. But in the end she did the right thing. Times were tough but Monkey Sean was always by her side.


Meet the Hero of the book



Bryan Leech rugby star, man-whore although with his past and that he was actually constantly drunk for three and half years no surprise there. Now some people will say it doesn’t matter his behaviour was inexcusable. Well sorry peeps but I don’t see it that way and I’ll get to why in a short while. We get to see him as a reformed man.


@THEBryanLeech: There’s nothing better in life than a cup of peppermint tea, a comfortable pair of PJs and a good book. @RonanFitz to @THEBryanLeech: You got hacked by your Granddad again. Just FYI.


I wanted some epic grovelling throughout the book as he forgot the heroine and I got what I wanted. From near start to finish he worked for Eilish. For what he wanted. A family. Love and happiness. I thought he couldn’t redeem himself here but with time he is a fantastic Hero.


She didn’t deserve to be forgotten. She deserved to be treasured.


Eilish though annoyed me to no content. I didn’t get her she behaved like a petulant child at the best of times. But then there were other times that I was surprised that with her family, Sean excluded she wasn’t more unhinged then she sometimes was in the book. But for someone so intelligent she sure did act stupid. William really? And at times really quite judgemental.


There were times that I was torn about the plot, the characters of the book. But Cosway/Reid pulled it off with all my frustration they got the balance right with emotion that underline it all to the end of the book.


Personally Cosway/Reid could make you like Hannibal Lector with the way they write together. I hope that we see a lot more books in the future. I would love to see a book with William. Just saying.


Read it, don’t read. Hate it or love it. I know I loved it.

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