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Dark… seductive… promise

Stryder Steele, along with his two brothers and father, lives by one code: Help all in need. Even if it means saving those who walk among the most sinister criminals in the world. Known as The Black Stallions, their mission is simple – provide rescue and safety to the innocents drawn into the evil depths of the underground.

Zoya Morozova has been kidnapped and ready to be sold at an underground human auction in Moscow. Being sold to the highest bidder, she has no idea her life is about to change when her new Master is the dark and mysterious… Stryder Steele.

Bad boy Stryder remembers the pain of being unable to save another but he’ll put his life on the line to save this beautiful Russian farm girl. When he buys Zoya with the purpose of rescuing her, he has no idea that she may have the power to rescue him as well.

Flown to The Black Stallion Ranch, and with the help of Zoya and the knowledge of the human sex trade she has, can the Steeles put together the pieces in time to save all the innocent women who had been sold to the monsters of the underground, or will they lose to the mastermind of it all?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains graphic sex and BDSM elements.



3.5 Stars

If you haven’t read the first book then don’t read the review there are some references to it.

Stryder picks off exactly where Maddox stopped. This is a great addition and continuation in the Black Stallion Trilogy. There is suspense in the book with complex and flawed characters. Dark and seductive.

Stryder has picked his save in the hope to fight against Poplov who killed nearly all of Adira’s family. Anson and Stryder go off to Russia to find out more about the sex slave ring infiltrate it and annihilate everyone that is involved.

Zoya is naïve she leaves her family in a small village in Russia to move to Moscow to take a job there. She trusts the first person she meets and ends up in a sex slave ring.

Due to Stryder’s past it is hard for him to stand abuse against women. His past is tragic. He wants to save every woman that is at that auction but they can’t. But they will do their best to get them all back.

Stryder is hard and cold as well as calculating. I liked him at the beginning but there were times his treatment of the heroine was unjustified. For me there was one scene where if written wrong might be seen as non-consensual in a way. Especially if this is one of your pet peeves.

But Zoya also treated Stryder unfairly and with a difficult topic she didn’t let him talk about something really important she behaved like a petulant child and wasn’t my favourite heroine that I’ve read so far this year. I didn’t always see the connection between the MC.

Tackling the topic of a sex slave is difficult and it is done well. In my opinion anyway.  I found certain scenes put me out of my comfort zone but they belong in the book otherwise it would be too glossy. I enjoy the BDSM elements.

If you like all of the above and want to read something different then this is the read for you. Anson ins next and I look forward to his book.

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