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Courtney Cohen
When my father died I inherited the Bad News Bears of the NBA, the Seattle Stallions. To add insult to injury my ex-fiancé, Brock was the team’s star point guard.

The only reason I haven’t jumped ship yet is because prior to my father, Charlie Cohen, dying I learned he recruited a baller who was going to make the Seattle Stallions “road to hell” a lot more interesting.

Trae Rhodes
When Charlie Cohen called me and asked to return to the game, I thought he had lost his mind. He wanted me to come and play for his ‘Little Pony’s’, there was no way in hell that would happen. But when he sends me the team roster and salaries followed by an offer that was more than his star point guards, I knew there was something foul about his play.

There is nothing I liked more than a foul play that involved Brock fucking Boeheim, so I accepted his advance and gave him a promise I would be there in the fall when training started. Brock and I have history, a score to settle.

In the last two months I have done three things, fuck, get my head back in the game I love and come up with a way to get revenge on the person who took it all away to begin with, Brock.



Oh sweet baby Jesus we all need a Trae Rhodes in our lives. He is a filthy, dirty Hero with a hidden side of sweet.


Courtney Cohen has inherited the Seattle Stallions although at the moment they are acting more like ponies. Her father Charlie Cohen built it all for Courtney. 

Charlie Cohen is no more but the sly dog put a plan in motion to help two people.  

The Stallions are the laughing stock of the NBA and Court wants to change that and bring them right to the top if it wasn’t for one slight pesky thing.  

Her lying, cheating ex fiancée is the star player of the team. The rat bag.  

Trae Rhodes has probably lost his marbles but what he does for his baby girl?  

Well it’s worth it. The money will help for her therapy. Although there is an added bonus to the story and a hidden agenda with the star player that involves the lead mare of the stable. Courtney Cohen. 

Everybody is waiting and watching her to fail. Courtney started off so naïve it was actually quite painful to read. But she became a strong and independent woman but sometimes she was her own worst enemy. Courtney is in a pool full of sharks and her one confident and who has her back turns out to be Trae Rhodes.  

I have very mixed feelings about this book I’m not sure how I feel about the dynamic of the MC in the book. Once Court finally got over her qualms things started to heat up between them. They did have sex until very late in the book which is refreshing in a way but there were times that because of this and Courtney trying to deal with the internal struggles of the Stallions it all felt quite sluggish. There were funny moments that then made it worthwhile. See? Torn! 

There were times when I loved it but there were times were I thought it actually wasn’t worth reading it. I still don’t know how many stars to give it. I like MJ Fields as an author and I would read more books by her given the chance.

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