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A Q&A is always a great possibility to ask an author the questions you always wanted an answer for.  This is why I am very happy about the live Q&A Colleen had on August 13th. It was about one hour long, so I won’t type everything down she said, but with this post I try to summarize the hour with one of our favorite authors to give you an idea about what she had to say!)
1)Asked about the up-coming movie “Ugly Love”, based on her book: She knows as much as we know which means the pre-production is still in progress! Colleen also mentioned that the auditions to find Tate just started.
2)How does Colleen handle her curls?
The best way to deal with them is to wrap a shirt around the wet hair and sleep with it, so it gets pretty curly. (Something I probably should try out as well 😀 ).
3)A very important answer for those who live on the Philipines: she will go there next month! So watch out and take your chance if you should be nearby!4) What inspired Colleen to start writing?
Colleen wrote her first story when she was five(called “Mystery Bob”), so this shows that she was always interested in writing.5) About Never Never 3:  Because of contracts she has to full-fill, it will be published after Colleen published “November 9” for which she has to do promotion.6) About crying during writing a book:
She isn’t an emotional person, so the one time she remembers crying was while she wrote “Ugly Love”. She also isn’t very romantic which is why she would laugh if her husband ever should say the things her character say in the books.

7) What Colleen is doing on release day: most times she is just sitting in front of her computer, on November 9 she would like to go to the concert she mentioned in the book.

8) What are Colleen’s favourite books?
It’s hard to say, even can be compared with choosing your favourite child. So normally the books she just finished are the ones she likes the most. 

9) They changed the formula of Diet Pepsi(everyone who followed Colleen for at least at bit knows why this is so important to mention for her 😀 ).
10) Does she miss her old job?
She worked as a social worker and later on also as a teacher(which she was terrible at-because of the mising organisation skills). She also mentioned that her old co-workers are the reason she finished “Slammed” which she wrote during that time.
So from time to time she is “stealing them” to help her organize everything she has to do.11) About her writing rituals:  she needs three solid days to just write without interruption, so she can write around 16 hours every day which she needs to stay part of the story.12) She doesn’t dream about her characters.!3) When “November 9” will be published, there also will be a new App called “Crave” which is going to change the way people experience books. (Everyone who downloads the app will also have early access to the book, and extra content as well).

!4) What Colleen currently read: “Before We Were Strangers” by Renee Carlino

15) What book took her the longest to write: “Maybe Someday”, about a year

16) About seeing her books in the shop: it’s awesome, but she also thinks about all these talented authors who haven’t got the same chance.

There are so many answers, so check them out while watching the Q&A.




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