As avid readers like we are, visiting book conventions is something that comes close to being in paradise. On Saturday, March 14th 2015, a friend, her father and I drove together from Berlin to Leipzig with their car. Sounds like a simple plan, right?
This simple plan got destroyed when everything went wrong what could have gone wrong. Not only did I wake up 20 minutes before they wanted to pick me up which was more than one hour too late, also we did have a much bigger problem: an engine damage which forced us to wait more than 1h while directly standing on the autobahn.
Our plan to arrive at 10 am obviously couldn’t work anymore. Actually it took us 6 more hours to get to the convention. BUT we arrived, even if this meant that we only had two hours to go.
The Leipziger Buchmesse is after the Frankfurter Buchmesse the second biggest book convention in Germany. BIG with capital letters….!
Allocated to 5 enormous halls, there was every possible (German) publisher company reprensented – unknown, very famous, very “special” ones,….
So because we knew that we wouldn’t be able to go through all the halls, we decided to just walk a little bit faster to see which one are the more interesting one (my heart ached, because it felt like reaching for something, but at the end not getting what you want).
There were only German publishers which is for us as we mainly read English books a little bit disappointing, but the fact that we found English books now also on the selling shelves in Germany made us grinning all over our faces.
For me especially one autor was important, so the dtv corner including at least 4 of Colleen Hoover’s German book versions was my personal highlight. Even if she didn’t attend the convention like it was planned, being surrounded by her books felt like being home. Besides, it’s always interesting to find books by new, perhaps even totally unknown, authors. If there would have been more time, I probably would have hide myself anywhere and would have never come out again. But because of what happened before, I just was able to take a look at some interesting series or stand-alone novels which now are part of the ever-growing to read -list.
The best thing about such an event is the fact that everybody feels the same and understands why you stand in front of book shelves at least1h(I know, that’s a lie-one hour is never enough) instead of just buying books on the internet. Or why touching the books you have read feels like saying thank you for existing.
I would recommend everybody to visit such a book convention if possible, but then without arriving 2 hours before it close as you need at least 4 h to walk through all the halls without stressing yourself.
And taking money with you is also very important as there is always the possibility to buy books which will scream “Come to Mami”  all the time.
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