Something About You by K.B. Barrett is releasing on January 21st!

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The demons of the past never really go away.

They reach up and consume all that you love.

Danny has watched his brothers find happiness and peace with their women. They have the kind of love a person spends their life searching for, the kind Danny believes he will never have. But Fate has other ideas, and Jill Is strong enough to battle the past with him. 

Jill has her own demons, though, ones set on destroying the little oasis of peace she has fought so hard for. The problem is, there are some things not even the Mancini Family will be able to help her with.  

When the monsters of their pasts claw up out of hell, Danny and Jill must fight their way through love to not only save each other, but the whole family.  

The problem is, who are the demons after?

Pre-Order: https://amzn.to/3E2aqqw
Goodreads: https://bit.ly/SomethingAboutYouTBR
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K.B Barrett lives in western Michigan with her wonderful husband and three kids. Her love of books started early, due to her grandmother who was an avid reader and encouraged her to love books. Eventually she had too many ideas and so she started writing her own books. She loves camping with her husband, traveling to new destinations, and enjoying coffee in one of her many colorful mugs.

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