All Rowan wanted was a normal senior year.

Mark of Stars, the all-new reverse harem paranormal romance and the second book in the Shifting Fate Trilogy from Tessa Hale is now available!

All Rowan wanted was a normal senior year. To fade into the background of her classmates. Instead, her entire world has been turned upside down. Words she never thought she would utter are now a part of her everyday life. Shifters. Powers. Bonds.

Comfort comes from the five fated mates who would do anything to protect her. Their connections are deepening, yet Rowan isn’t convinced all of them want her. Holden has secrets. Vaughn comes to her rescue in one breath and cuts her to the core with the next. But Anson, Lucas, and Keene will do anything to make their bond work and to convince Rowan that she’s all they’ve ever wanted.

They’re all trying, but each new development leaves Rowan reeling. As they realize just what kind of gift Rowan has, they discover it’s impossible to know who to trust.

Because there are those who lurk in the shadows, forces that want the power Rowan has humming beneath her skin. And they will stop at nothing to get it…

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Anson cupped my face, leaning in close. “You saw through to the deepest parts of me from the first day we met. No one has ever called me on my shit like that. No one’s ever seen how much I might be hurting or what I was using to hide it. I’m falling for you, Ro. Not because of some bond, but because your heart is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever encountered. You’re kind and strong and so damn courageous it’s terrifying. It’s the greatest honor of my life to be yours.” I wanted to believe those words. To hope that maybe Anson was falling for me because of who I was and not what I was. But it wasn’t just Anson in this bond. There were four other guys and not all of them felt that way.

About Tessa Author of love stories with magic, usually with more than one love interest. Constant daydreamer.

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