Dad Bods made a big impression in 2021 – and they’re not going anywhere! This January, some of your favorite contemporary romance authors are bringing you a sexy selection of brawny, hot Dad Bods and the women who love their men with a little something extra to hold on to. These men may be built for comfort but don’t be fooled – they will stop at nothing to protect the women who’ve claimed their hearts


Title: Dad Bod Secret Prince
Series: Dad Bod – Men Built For Comfort #27
Author: Andrea Marie
Having had enough of my parents pestering me about taking a wife, I decide to escape to New York City for some time to decompress and leave the Royal Family behind for once.
My last night there before returning home, I attend a party where I meet the most mesmerizing vision that I’ve ever seen in my life.
The night we spend together is simply magical. The only thing I would’ve changed is telling her who I really am instead of using my nick name “Rick”.

Attending a huge party in New York City is not how I would normally spend a Saturday evening. Staying at home, munching on junk food, and binging tv shows on streaming channels, now that’s more like it.
But, then again, if I had stayed home, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to spend an amazing night with a wonderful man.
I wonder if I’ll ever see him again…



Title: Owned By The Dad Bod 
Series: Dad Bod – Men Built For Comfort #28
Author: Imani Jay 
When the one you never forgot returns…
Noah Friedman. My high school sweetheart. The one I thought would be my forever… till life pulled us apart.
Now fifteen years later, he’s back in town, matured and more handsome, more successful than ever.
Me on the other hand? I’m a mess. Thirty-five, never been married and stuck in my small life.
As Noah and I rekindle our friendship, I can’t help but wonder what if?…






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