Title: Finding Home Ever After
Series: Finding Happiness in Harmony Book 2
Author: Stacey Komosinski
Genre: Contemporary Romace
Release Date: December 7, 2021
Gabriella Rodriguez left her small hometown for college eight years ago, excited for life in the city. Now, the shine of the city has worn off, and she no longer craves its fast pace, which made the decision to move home when her mom became ill an easy one. On the outside, it looked like Gaby only came home to help. She’s about to find that moving back to the small town of Harmony, Texas, might help her.


Bradley Klein has loved only one girl since he was two. No matter how many girls he dated or women he slept with over the years, not one has measured up to his childhood friend. Her long hair, blue eyes, and bright smile captivate him. When his bad boy lifestyle grew old, he landed back home in Harmony, working with his dad and opening his own business.
Now that Gaby is living in Harmony, will she give Brad the chance he has been waiting for and find that home can offer the inner happiness she’s seeking?
Welcome to the Finding Happiness in Harmony series’ second journey celebrating the bonds of friendship, love, and life. This feel-good story of childhood friends turning lovers and best girl friends will make you believe you too can find your home ever after.



They had pulled over, and Gaby undid her seatbelt and tugged her boots off. “Slide over.” She patted the middle seat. Brad scooted closer to her.

Gaby threw a leg over his lap and straddled him. “Mmm, a sleepover, huh?”

“Yes, so I can hold you.” He ran his hands along her calves.

“I’d be game for that. What about tomorrow night? I work until close, and then I’ll come over.”

“That would be great,” he whispered against her mouth.

Not waiting any longer, he licked her lower lip and placed a few soft kisses along her jaw. Gaby tilted her head to the side, allowing him full access to her neck. He followed her cue and left a trail of kisses down her neck and then to her ear. 

She let out a soft moan and dug her fingers into his shoulders when his tongue flicked her earlobe. “Kiss me?” she begged quietly. 

“Soon,” he muttered against her neck. “Your skin is so soft and sexy here.”

Brad smoothed his hands over her calves and under the hem of her dress to her thighs. He whispered in her ear, “Your skin is soft and sexy here too.”

Another moan escaped her throat, “mmm.”

Gaby angled her body toward him and took his mouth, pushing her tongue inside. Brad flicked his tongue against hers and slid his hands higher to just under the upward curve of her ass. His fingertips were only inches from her damp heat.

She mumbled against his mouth, “Touch me.”

He squeezed her where he had cupped her bottom. “I am.”

Her eyes flickered open and met his gaze. “You know what I mean.” She squirmed against his hands.

The corners of his mouth twitched. “I’m not sure I do.”

Gaby playfully swatted his upper arm and then leaned close, hovering her mouth just above his ear. “I. Want. You. To. Slide. Your. Finger. Inside. My. Panties. And. Me.”

A deep chuckle erupted from his throat. “You’re a dirty girl, Gabriella.”

She threw her head back and groaned. “You’re impossible. Why are you playing hard to get?”

“I’m not.” Brad couldn’t bring himself to intimately touch her in the front seat of a truck like they were in high school.

“You are too. Here I am practically begging you to finger me, and you won’t. The other day I offered to stroke you, and you turned me down. What’s going on? It’s not like we haven’t fooled around before.”

She lowered her hips down and ground herself on his erection. “I know you want me, but why don’t you want to? You know I ache for you? I physically feel my body ache in ways I’ve never ached before. I crave your hands and mouth on me. Do I have to beg you? Because my body is begging for release. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait.”





Stacey Komosinski grew up in a small Pennsylvania town strongly influenced by her mother’s passion for reading. She read her first romance novel in her early twenties and hasn’t stopped.



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