Title: Just For Him: A Billionaire Romance

Series: The Billionaire Boy’s Club #7

Author: Gia Bailey 

Release Date: Aug 11th 






There is only one woman in the world who could melt this grumpy billionaire’s heart… and she just happens to be his wife.

They call me the Beast of the Bosporus. Fierce, mean, and cruel. They aren’t wrong.
I have no illusions about love, family, or marriage.
I had no intention of making space in my life for anyone, including my arranged wife.
But I wasn’t prepared for who my wife would be.
Now, nothing will ever be the same.
It will take every single shred of strength to maintain my self-control and stay unaffected.
It will take all my will to deny what I know when I look at her.
That we were fated, right from the start.

Fulfilling my duty to my father’s memory didn’t seem the worst thing in the world.
For my parents, arranged marriages were common.
I had no idea that it would be to the coldest and most arrogant man in the city.
Now, Emre thinks he can control me and forget about me.
But I know I affect him more than he wants, and I’ll use it every way I can.
I have a suspicion that my husband isn’t quite the monster he wants everyone to believe.
I have a feeling that there’s a real man under his gruff exterior, and I want to know him.
I won’t let him go, without a fight.

When this OTT billionaire meets his forever girl, he’ll let nothing and no one stand in his way. If you like sassy independent women and wickedly obsessed billionaires, then this standalone book in the Billionaire Boy’s Club series is for you.
This sweet and steamy romance comes with a HEA guarantee.

Trigger warning for mentions of suicide involving side character.



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Gia Bailey loves to write steamy, sweet, short romances to keep her warm during the cold Scottish nights. All her heroes, from mountain men to billionaires, are possessive, obsessive alpha males, who go OTT for the women they fall for. And the heroines? Shy, sweet, smart, ambitious, and everything in between, these ladies always get their happy endings. 

When not writing, she lives with her own burly Russian mountain man and all-knowing four year old, and enjoys baking, reading, jumping in muddle puddles (it’s Scotland, so there are lots), and inventing elaborate dreamworlds to play in. After all, life’s too short for anything other than a HEA.




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