Title: Feral Breed
Series: Wolves of Chaos Valley
Author: Nikki Landis
Genre: PNR, Wolf Shifter
Release Date: August 20, 2021
The Chaos is coming . . .

Humans and werewolves don’t mix.
We don’t share drinks at the bar, shop at the same stores, or even live in the same part of town.
There’s no trust, just decades of superstition and haunting rumors of a dark night only spoken about in hushed whispers.
I know what everyone fears.
After all, my shop is located in the center of the city.
When people want natural and herbal remedies, they come to me.
My family has helped the people of Morningstar for generations.
I hate the shifters as much as they do.
When the handsome alpha breaks into my shop and hurls accusations, I’m determined to set him straight . . . until all hell breaks loose.

I’m the Alpha.
It’s my responsibility to ensure my clan is protected from the humans.
Four packs that rely on the Hogan brothers to keep their secrets and families safe.
Years of mistrust, lies, and carnage have placed a wedge between my kind and the humans.
Just when I have it all under control a new threat emerges.
It’s not just my people that are in danger.
To top it off, the need for a mate surges in my blood as the Chaos approaches.
I had it all figured out until I recognized a new and tantalizing scent and the female it belongs to:
A human with a special gift, a sexy smile, and an aura that calls to me in a way I can’t seem to resist.



Nikki Landis is the International Bestselling & Multi Award-Winning Author of over 50 romance novels in the MC, reverse harem, paranormal, dystopian, and science fiction genres. Her books feature dark alpha heroes, protective shifters, and seductive vampires and the feisty, independent women they love. There’s heart-throbbing action on every page as well as fated mates and soul bonds deep enough to fulfill every desire. She also writes science fiction romance under the pen name Nikki Nova.

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