Sins of the fathers have a way of catching up…who’s going to bleed for them?

By Sin I Rise: Part 1, an all-new must-read dark mafia romance from USA Today bestselling author Cora Reilly is coming September 15th and we have the jaw-dropping cover!

Maddox – Mad Dog – White hates everything the name Vitiello stands for, after he witnessed his father and his men getting butchered by the Capo of the Italian mob in their territory. Raised by his uncle, the president of the Tartarus MC, Maddox is destined to follow in his footsteps. Now their chapter is on the rise again, but for their ultimate triumph they need to destroy the Vitiello empire. And what better way to do it than to steal the spoilt Vitiello princess and break her piece by piece until her father begs for mercy.

Known as the spoilt princess of New York, Marcella Vitiello grew up in a golden cage. If your father is the most feared man in New York, people gift you with reverence.

Destined to marry the boyfriend approved by her father, Marcella is sick of being treated like an untouchable porcelain doll.

She resents the life forced upon her by her family until everything she took for granted is ripped from her. Where she’s now, her name doesn’t bring awe, only pain and humiliation.

If you’ve grown up in a high castle, the fall is all the deeper.

Sins of the fathers have a way of catching up…who’s going to bleed for them?

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About Cora Cora Reilly is the author of the Born in Blood Mafia Series, The Camorra Chronicles and many other books, most of them featuring dangerously sexy bad boys. Before she found her passion in romance books, she was a traditionally published author of young adult literature. Cora lives in Germany with a cute but crazy Bearded Collie, as well as the cute but crazy man at her side. When she doesn’t spend her days dreaming up sexy books, she plans her next travel adventure or cooks too spicy dishes from all over the world. Despite her law degree, Cora prefers to talk books to laws any day.

Connect with Cora Facebook: http://bit.ly/3qw1eUh Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Y4juYZ Amazon: https://amzn.to/3syxRCB Join her Facebook reader group Cora’s Flamingo Squad: http://bit.ly/3sAmt9s Stay up to date with Cora by joining her mailing list: http://bit.ly/39HESsi Website: https://corareilly.com

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