Title: Wicked Player

Author: Roya Carmen
Genre: June 24, 2021
Release Date: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Calico Designs



A struggling single mom gets caught up in the web of a notorious Casanova who likes to play games.

When Clara Scott signs up for the Player’s Game, she does it only for the money. As a struggling single mom, she needs the extra cash.

Colton Rossi is beautiful, but he’s also a notorious player. Women swoon all over him. Yet Clara’s not interested in the least in a Casanova like him, nor does she have time in her life for romance.

She knows she can’t get tangled up in his games. She needs to look out for herself, and her small son too. As intoxicating as he is, she vows to pull herself away from him, but when he makes her an offer she can’t refuse, she’s drawn in further despite her best intentions.

Will her preconceptions be confirmed, or is there more to Colton Rossi than meets the eye?

WICKED PLAYER contains some coarse language and sexual scenes. For 18+ audiences.





The Smutbarians – “A sweet romance that had a tiny bit of a slow burn going on in it. Loved the premise of this story.”

Goodreads Review – “I absolutely LOVED this story!”


“Would you like to stay?” he asks kindly.
“Uh…” I’m completely speechless. “Well, I was just about to board the bus. I can’t miss the bus.”
He smiles. “Don’t worry,” he says. “The bus will wait while you make your decision.”
“I don’t want to leave all these girls hanging,” I argue. I’m certainly not making things easy. I just didn’t expect this.
“You can stay as early or as late as you wish,” he goes on. “My driver can take you home.”
“Your driver?” Once again, I’m reminded just how far apart our worlds are.
“Yes, Robert… he lives in the guest house,” he explains. “He’s my go-to guy. He also drives for me occasionally.”
“Uh…” I’m still so confused. I stare at the bus. Everyone else is already seated inside, and a few shoot me dirty looks. I’m keeping everyone waiting.
“I know we don’t know each other well, but that’s exactly why I want you to stay back… I want to get to know you better. And I promise… I’ll be a perfect gentleman.”
I’m so confused… and it finally hits me. Oh, yes. He picks a woman every night. And apparently, I’m the lucky one tonight. I must be something special.
But that’s not what I signed up for. I have no desire to be part of his harem, and I don’t want to be the chosen one.
“So I guess I’m the ‘chosen one,’” I sneer.
He smiles. “Yes, you are. You ladies like to chat, don’t you?”
“Of course we do,” I snap. “And I know all about the chosen one, and I do not wish to be the chosen one.”
He laughs. “Well, sorry honey, but you are.”
His words only make me angrier. I jut my chin out. “Thank you, but I decline.”
His face falls.
“I bet this never happens,” I say. “Maybe Mr. Most Interesting Man in the World is not so interesting after all.”
He laughs. “You crack me up,” he says. “I think that’s why I like you.”
“Yes, that must be why, because I certainly don’t stack up to all the beauties sitting in the bus, waiting for me right now. It’s like Top Model at your parties… remember that show?”
He smiles. “No, I’ve never watched.”
“Well, I don’t wanna be here, so I’m getting on that bus. I don’t care if you paid me a thousand dollars to be here tonight. I wish to not be here anymore.”
He shakes his head, an inches closer. Damn, he smells good, like liqueur and candy. “Are you sure about that?”
“Yes, I am. Positive.”
“What if…” he’s slow to say. “What if I made it ten grand to stay the night?”
My mouth hangs. Did I hear him correctly? Ten grand? He’s crazy! I’m still at a loss when he says it again, just in case I didn’t hear him the first time, “Ten grand to stay the night.”
“Wow, how so Indecent Proposal of you. Can you make it one million?”
He laughs. “Well, that’s a bit rich, even for me. But I’m sure you’d be worth every penny. Alas, ten grand is my final offer. Take it or leave it.”
Ten grand could do so much for Christian and I. But it’s the principle of the thing. I would, in essence, be prostituting myself.
“Still no,” I tell him. “I am opposed to this whole thing on principle. I am not a high class escort.”
“Yes, of course not,” he says. “But what if I told you there is no expectation of sex or anything of a sexual nature.”
I ponder this new information for a second. “So let’s review this proposal… you would pay me ten thousand dollars just to watch me fall asleep, because that’s what I’ll be doing very shortly.”




Roya Carmen is a busy mom, romance writer, designer, bookworm, chocoholic, and hopeless romantic. There’s nothing she enjoys more than making up stories about love, and sharing them with her readers.




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