Title: Dangerous Desires Part 1
Series: Corrupt Me Series
Author: A.G. Khaliq
Release: May 18, 2021
Genre: Mafia Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
When Secret Agent Maya is sent undercover to nail the Russian Mafia, the last thing she’s expecting is to fall in love with the man she’s trying to put behind bars…
There have been several murders occurring in Manhattan, and all fingers point to the Russian Mafia.
Maya’s boss sends her as an undercover agent to New York, to work at Donte Abruzzi’s company. He believes that not only is Donte associated with the crime family, but that he’s the one behind all the murders.
Leaving her life behind, Maya starts working at Donte’s company under the new name of Sapphire Myers. At first, gathering information seems easy, but as she gets to know Donte, everything becomes complicated.
The attraction and chemistry between them become harder to ignore, and lines are blurred. The closer Donte and Maya become, the less things seem to add up. The deeper she goes, the more she realizes the evidence doesn’t point towards Donte or the Russian Mafia.
Now, not only does she need to figure out why her boss is so hell-bent on putting Donte behind bars, but skeletons from her past start resurfacing, putting her at risk of losing everything.


Goodreads Review – “Are you ready to be CORRUPTED? IT! WILL! BLOW! YOU! AWAY!”

Goodreads Review – “Loved everything about this intensely captivating story!!!!”

Goodreads Review – “This is the beginning of what promises to be an awesome series.”



A. G. Khaliq is 22 years old, residing in the United Kingdom. In between being a student, she loves to write. Her craft began when she started writing for a game called Episode Interactive, where she garnered almost 3 million reads. She soon wanted to expand her craft, and began writing published books, starting with a dark, organized crime thriller called Mafia Kingpin. She is most active on Instagram, @agkbooks.

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