Title: Avarice Twilight
Series: Askeladd: Book One
Author: R.A. Davidson
Genre: Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Thriller, Slow Burn Romance
Release Date: May 3, 2021


Avalon Academy. They welcome all with talent.
The most prestigious school for the learnings of magic and mana. The mages Avalon Academy produces are so great many important houses from other lands request that their children attend.
The institute garnered the attention of Aryn Askaladd. With his brother Baryn by his side, they make the journey together.
Once inside the walls of Avalon, the brothers encounter Headmaster Regin’s hidden agendas.
A storm is brewing.
The desires of outsiders forced Aryn and Baryn to serve as the kingdom’s dogs to regain their freedom.
Made to embark alongside the brothers’ journey are two women, each thrusted into an unfamiliar world.
Asteria, the lovely daughter of one of Avalon’s most influential houses. Her healing touch and latent talent may prove to blossom.
Isla, the princess of a kingdom in distant lands. Her privileged life makes her perspective of the world deluded. Isla’s immense mana may make her a more significant threat than the mission itself.
Leading them is a weathered veteran, Utrix, who wants for nothing more than a peaceful life.
Is this group of travelers doomed to be Avalon’s shield and sword?
They set out with a destination… but will they reach it?
They can not control the perils of the world around them. The five members will soon have to come to terms with unavoidable encounters on their treacherous journey. The cruelty of the unknown will clash with the adamant resolve for the group to be free.
Will they brave through the hardships, or build their pyre?




“If that Devil is true evil, then what of the Senate members that were controlling and experimenting on their own citizens for their amusement?” he questions. “There’s already pure evil in our world; it’s inside of every living thing. It’s only a matter of perspective, after all. Who are we to decide what evil is to anyone but ourselves?”



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