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Title: Hands of Women
Author: Stacy M Wray
Release: April 20, 2021
Genre: Women’s Fiction


Haddie Kellar is passionate about three things: her marriage, her doctorate in botany, and women’s rights. It’s the injustices of the latter that sends her subconscious plummeting into a dark lens of how to level the playing field, even if it goes against the grain of morality.

After creating a gel that alters the personality of men, Haddie feels invincible after women from all over take action against those who have wronged them. Her movement is working and everyone is noticing, even though her identity has been kept secret. So, when her loving, supportive husband discovers that she’s behind the shocking events revealed on the news, it rocks her world.





Goodreads Review – “A profoundly inspiring story that raises your adrenaline and fuels the fire smoldering in all of us. At least that is my hope!
Haddie Kellar is genius in developing a way to seek revenge on the men who prey on others. Enough is enough, but as the movement grows will she be able to keep going? Will she have to sacrifice everyone and everything closest to her to help others?
This book is a MUST READ!!”

Stacy M Wray loves writing and reading anything romance – Judy Blume being one of the first authors she read in middle school. After all, a world without love, heartache, and angst would prove a boring place to live. Now branching into suspense and women’s fiction, she believes the sky’s the limit.

Lover of gray and white cats, craver of all things sweet, enthusiast of hiking and camping, wife of an extremely supportive husband, and mom to two amusing adult children, she realizes life is pretty darn good.

She also appreciates that it’s never too late to try something new. Never.




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