Title: Trusting Angel 
Series: Angel’s Rules #3 
Author: Lexi Noir 
Genre: Erotic Romance




Angel’s Fury MC has a dangerous enemy. One that’s trying to bring the entire club down, starting with Angel’s woman.

When Angel realizes who the enemy is, it’s a race against time to try and stop him before he gets too close to Jemma.

As Jemma recovers in hospital, Angel has to find a way to bring down the enemy without drawing attention to the club. He needs to ensure that there’s no blowback on Jemma.

His brothers will do anything to protect his woman and for once violence isn’t the answer.

Can Angel keep his woman safe? Or will his enemy destroy the only woman he’s ever loved?

About Lexi 


Hey, I’m Lexi! I’m a mum, wife, and avid reader! I write romance, because, love is everything! I specialize in explicit and sexy tales, I write short, sinful stories that feature erotic scenes.  

If you want erotic stories that are short and always have a climatic ending, then look no further, my books are exactly what you need.

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