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Title: Cupid to the Rescue: A Tail-Wagging Valentine’s Day Anthology
Authors: Kathryn Shay, Judith Arnold, Linda Barrett, M.L. Buchman, Kay Lyons, Barbara McMahon, and Debra Salonen 
Genre: Valentine’s Day Anthology
Release Date: January 5, 2021




Humans may think they have their acts together? So not! Sometimes they need to be rescued by big-hearted four-legged friends. Come join eight modern masters of romance as they celebrate Valentine’s Day with brand-new tales of tail-wagging joy.

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Montana (Tana) Reeves is about to lose her apartment because her ex-boyfriend left her with the rescue dog, Cupid, he’d used to sweet-talk her into their relationship. Losing her apartment over a dog is bad enough, but veterinarian Jett Billings’ gentle way and sexy smile melts her heart just as much as the Great Dane does, and Tana quickly realizes that as she was chasing Cupid, she fell in love with both of them.

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When Maggie Marino comes to work at Stepping Stones Special Needs School, Noah Carson has no idea she and her glossy-coated Golden Retriever, Rosie, will change his life. But will the emotional-support dog be enough to bring Noah and Maggie together again after the tragedies of their pasts collide?

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When Hank Patterson hires dog walker Abbie Harding to take care of his mother’s rambunctious mutt while his mother is out of town, he doesn’t expect romance to be a part of their arrangement. After all, Abbie loves dogs and Hank doesn’t—and as they soon learn, mixing business with pleasure can cause a whole lot of trouble.

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On his way to Sea View House, Brandon Bigelow hadn’t counted on hitting a tree to avoid hitting a dog during a winter storm. He hadn’t counted on meeting a petite dynamo who insists he adopt the dog. Farewell to a peaceful life at the beach!

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Attacked by Russia while on US soil, a lovely Ukrainian minister must turn to a US Secret Service dog team for protection. While the massive Russian Bear dog charms his way into her heart, trusting his handsome handler is not going to happen.

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Professional matchmaker Marsali Jones didn’t mean to share her secret crush on national television, especially when it’s her brother’s best friend and Hollywood A-lister Oliver Beck. But the damage is done and her career is on the line. Deny it and she loses all credibility, but to move forward means paying Oliver’s price….

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Snowbound on Valentine’s Day. Two strangers. A twice-burned cowboy and a nurse with nightmares too horrific to share. A storm brought them together, but a fearless dog seems intent on teaching them that sometimes friendship can evolve into love.

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Paige Jackson’s volunteer sabbatical in Prospect Creek goes from bad to redonkulous when TJ Huey delivers a pregnant and abused donkey to Paige’s care. But neither cowboy nor city gal is immune to the matchmaking skills of a rescue donkey named Miss Valentine.





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