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Title: Promise of Darkness

Author: Bec McMasters

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy


About Promise of Darkness:

Princess. Tribute. Sacrifice. Is she the one prophesied to unite two warring Fae courts? Or the one bound to destroy them?

In a realm ruled by magic, the ruthless Queen of Thorns is determined to destroy her nemesis, the cursed Prince of Evernight.

With war brewing between the bitter enemies, the prince forces Queen Adaia to uphold an ancient treaty: she will send one of her daughters to his court as a political hostage for three months.

The queen insists it’s the perfect opportunity for Princess Iskvien to end the war before it begins. But one look into Thiago’s smoldering eyes and Vi knows she’s no assassin.

The more secrets she uncovers about the prince and his court, the more she begins to question her mother’s motives.

Who is the true enemy? The dark prince who threatens her heart? Or the ruthless queen who will stop at nothing to destroy him?

And when the curse threatens to shatter both courts, is her heart strong enough to break it?

A fairytale twist inspired by the Hades and Persephone myth.


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About Bec McMasters

I’m a writer. Dreamer. Travel Addict. And enthusiastic-if-not-perfect baker. I’ll honestly admit that I don’t always follow the recipe, be it cooking, or writing romances. If I’m not sitting in front of the computer, I’m probably plotting my next world trip. Or eating chocolate. Sometimes I run. Because…chocolate. I grew up on a steady diet of 80’s fantasy movies like Ladyhawke, Labyrinth and The Princess Bride, and love creating epic, fantasy-based worlds with heroes and heroines who must defeat all the odds to have their HEA. I live in a country town in Australia, with my very own beta hero, Byron; Kobe, a dog who will eat anything (even used teabags); and demanding chickens, Siggy and Lagertha.



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Cliffhanger-ish. The plot for this book was wrapped up nicely but a new challenge for these two is on the horizon for book 2. Which I can’t wait for.

What can I say about this book without giving anything away? This year I’m on a major fantasy wave this year. A Promise of Darkness fits in right here.

I love the world that has been built here I wasn’t overwhelmed with the information given, the characters and realms, a slow trickle to build something truly beautiful, exciting and enticing. It sucked me in, and I really enjoyed it.

I really hope I get this right, five Seelie Kingdoms, three queens and two princes who have a very tentative alliance. The three Unseelie Kingdoms and the war that happened 500 hundred years ago to trap the old ones. The Unseelie & Seelie also have a tentative relationship and our main characters are pawns in this unpredictable game.

Our main characters Iskvien & Thiago are thrown together there are secrets that Vi must find out on her own, but she is in a position that she doesn’t know whom to trust. Is she to believe the lies that her mother has fed her? Or what Thiago a virtual stranger tries to tell her but can’t and what she overhears.

I haven’t read a lot of books by Ms. McMaster but those I have read have been good and I am now considering reading more by this author.

All in all, I find it hard to rate this book because from start to finish I guessed the major twists. There are some minor turns that I didn’t see coming but nevertheless it still irked me that it shouldn’t have been so obvious. I also had heroine issues she was just too naïve I wanted her to be a bit more kickarse. In the end I’ve decided to give it 3 stars. I really wanted to give it a higher rating, but I just can’t. Although it ticked all my boxes.

It is a strong start to an absolutely fantastic series and I really cannot wait for the second book to come out.


ARC received in exchange for an honest review

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