Title: Old Friends 
Author: Toni Denise 
Genre: Romance, Suspense 
Series: Westbeach #1 
Sometimes a second chance can be the last chance.Recently divorced, Kelly finds herself back in her hometown. Deciding that starting over is key, she and her son take to living a new life.When a second chance with Mason, an old flame, ignites, Kelly is excited to feel love again. But something is wrong. Someone is watching them, waiting to strike. Someone that knows them. Someone. . . close. Not knowing who she can trust, Kelly is thrust into a life of fear and looking over her shoulder. Where do you turn when the one person you thought you could trust might actually be the person you’re running from?
 ***** Mona 
wow this book kinda freaked me out reading it! she is on her own now with her son. that is where she meets her old flame and things heat up. only someone is watching them. read to find out what happens.
***** Wendy 
 Kelly is newly divorced and moves back to her hometown with her son, and she reconnects with Mason who is an old fling. Mysterious things start to happen though, and who will the culprit be? This is a well written story which is intense, thrilling, mysterious and is filled with twists, suspense, and romance.
***** Cassandra
I really enjoyed the book. It had a good balance of suspense and romance. It was a very good read and well written. I am excited for the next book!
***** Gwen 
This is the first book I have had the pleasure to read from Toni. This was a great book. It was full of suspense, romance and twist and turns.
On The Run Westbeach Series #2
Liz just wanted to confront her cheating boyfriend instead she ended up running for her life.

Finally fed up, Liz chose the wrong night to confront Mickey when she accidentally witnesses him committing a murder. After a terrifying escort home, she escapes, only making it a few states away before her car breaks down. Luckily for her when it does, she ends up with help from the Cole’s.

Nate Cole is done with undercover work and was planning to quit after his last assignment. Unfortunately, his boss has other plans for one of his best agents, one last case before he turns in his badge. Nate begrudgingly agrees to look it over but doesn’t get a chance to turn it down before it lands in his lap, in the form of Liz in his kitchen. 

Nate knows he needs to help Liz and close this case, but can he keep his feelings out of it and keep her safe?
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Toni Denise was born and raised in Southeastern Virginia where she now raises her own children, two dogs, and lives with her husband. She has an Associates degree in Business Administration, a Bachelors degree in Human Resources Management, and is pursuing her MBA. She is an avid reader of romance as well as an author. She also works for a large company as tech support.
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