Dylan makes Jake breathless but is she worth a second chance at love…
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“I can’t be near him. We were a disaster.”
“I still want her. She leaves me breathless.”
Two years ago, Jake and I ended things. Badly.
For my own sanity, I have to avoid him. Now, he doesn’t want anything to do with me and the feeling is mutual.
But a sick horse throws us back together, and when I’m around him, it’s difficult to be professional. Especially when all I want him to do is put me over his shoulder, carry me away, and finish what we started two years ago.

Dylan says she broke everything between us last time for a good reason. But now she’s back and my feelings for her haven’t gone away.
We might have a second chance, but how can I trust that she won’t do the same thing this time?

Leave Me Breathless is the fourth standalone HEA in the Arizona Heat series. If you like stern cowboys, steam and discipline, this book is for you!

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