Title: Entitled 
Author: Carlie Yates 
Genre: Romance, Suspense 
Series: Entangled #1
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We all know that girl who has it all: The cheerleader with the bottomless bank account, designer clothing, who lives in the coveted house on the hill, is dating the most popular guy in school, and has an endless stream of admirers. 

She’s Catherine Garner… and anything she wants, she gets.

Until her mother’s boyfriend moves in. 

And he brings his kids with him.

Now she’s forced to share her space with Brody Harris, who sulks around in baggy clothes that look like they’re from the bottom of a bargain bin. The last thing she wants is to be seen with this plain, ordinary boy who drives an old, rusted out car and always has his nose in a book.

Everything changes when she uncovers dark secrets that Brody has been forced to carry in silence. Suddenly, she finds herself forming an alliance with the one person who had dared to challenge her and had been nothing more than a pain in her ass.

As lines start to blur and her relationship with Brody begins to grow, Catherine questions everything she believed about her once-perfect world.





Carlie Yates has been writing stories since she was in the fifth grade, convinced that if she didn’t get her thoughts and characters down on paper, her head would ‘plode; it could be ex- or im-, but either way, it wouldn’t be pretty. Inspired by S.E. Hinton, she always said that when she grew up, she would be a published author. This Midwest mom of boys has addictions to reading, road trips, hair dye, and the Oxford comma, and is thoroughly convinced at any given time the theme track to ‘My Three Sons’ will start playing in the background of her home.
She is currently working on “Entrapped,” book 2 of the Entangled series, and renouncing her pledge to grow up.


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