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Author: Amanda Kelley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Worth Fighting For:

Nothing in Kellen O’Connell’s life has come easy. He knows better than anyone that if you want something, you better fight for it.


When he finds himself drawn to a feisty kindergarten teacher, he realizes he’s going to have to fight harder than ever if he wants to know her secrets.


On the outside, Ali Crawford has it all. The perfect job. Great friends. A wonderful family. But she has demons, just like everyone else. There are things she’s never given a voice to, and they are relentlessly chipping away at her conscience.


Will she have the courage to trust the magnetic, if not annoyingly infuriating, Kellen with her past? Or will she let it ruin the best thing she’s ever known, as it turns her into someone she doesn’t even recognize?


If they can learn to trust each other, they might just find something worth fighting for.


*Intended for readers 18 years of age and up due to mature content.

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About the Author:

Amanda was raised in a small town in Wyoming where she met and married her high school sweetheart. Today, they live in Northern Colorado where she is lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom to two incredible sons. When she is not attempting to write awesome love stories, she spends her days as a chauffeur, alarm clock, maid, nurse, chef, counselor, cheerleader, referee, finder of shoes and homework, giver of hugs, and pet whisperer. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.


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Characters & Chemistry.

Ali Crawford a native of her home town has just moved back to start as the new kindergarten teacher. She promised herself that she would be a responsible adult and that she had changed since that night. She has also been having the same nightmare on and off for a very long time.

Ali is Fort Knox with her impenetrable walls she is guarded and hasn’t been with anyone since college. She has a lot to overcome of maybe what could of happened and what actually didn’t happen. She has taken every knowing measurement to protect herself for not being in such a situation again. But you can only ignore your problems for so long.

Kellen O’Connell is a cop and he takes his duty to serve and protect very seriously. He has not had an easy life but he has made the best out of his situation and what he could do for his brother, his younger brother Finn is more like a son than a brother. But his older brother is nothing but trouble.

Seriously I love and adore Kellen, he is all in for the heroine. He is loyal, patient and caring with a strong alpha vibe and he doesn’t come across as an a-hole. He takes being a good guy to a whole new level. The love is real.

The build-up of the chemistry with these two is really good. It is slow burn to begin with but soon heats up but sets a tone that it is going to be something good.

I liked Ali she is strong and sweet and stands up for herself. What I didn’t like was her being bitchy to the Hero for no other reason than maybe that she can. I just didn’t get it when I found out what happened I still felt it to be somewhat over the top. But that is just me.

Writing, Plot & Pace.

The writing here is truly captivating and it pulled me into West Grove and the world of Kellen O’Connell and Ali Crawford and the blossoming love they have for one another. There is great banter, warmth, and a feel good vibe to it. I had a lot of feels with this book and they just kept on coming. The pace is perfect which isn’t always easy to do especially when there is some angst involved. Whereas one could say that the plot has been tried and tested and done by many authors in different ways the execution is the most important aspect and Ms. Kelley nailed that one on the head no doubt about that.


There are so many wonderful possibilities with this world and this series and I want more. I truly loved it. Pet peeve when book one in the series has already been released and you have no idea, backtrack and find out that you just have to read book 1 otherwise you will die because it all makes no sense, kidding it does. But I shall read the first book I just wish companies would mention that for signups or I am blind.



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