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REVIEW : The Secret Life of a Dream Girl (Creative HeArts, #4) by Tracy Deebs


June 27, 2016


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Title :              The Secret Life of a Dream Girl 

Author :           Tracy Deebs

Series :            Creative HeArts, #4

Release date :   Jun 27 2016

Rating :           4 Stars


Blurb : Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains adult language, references to drinking and drugs, and a kiss so steamy it’ll fog up your ereader. Hiding in plain sight is harder than it looks…Dahlia Greene—aka international pop superstar Cherry—is undercover as a normal high school student. She just wants to experience what real life is like, so when she overhears hottie Keegan Matthews nervously talking about liking a girl, she sees the perfect opportunity to live a real life and play a little matchmaker. What was not part of the plan was falling for a guy she can never tell the truth.Keegan Matthews has been secretly crushing on Dahlia ever since she started at his school. Sure, Dahlia thinks he’s crushing on some other girl—not realizing his Dream Girl is actually her—but he figures, play along with her tips to woo someone else, let her get to know him, and then make his move. But with so many secrets in the mix, their romance is doomed from the start…


Dahlia and Keegan, Book 1 of 3

Dahlia and Keegan Book 2 coming March 2017


Review : Have you ever read a book and wondered at is end if it was over ? … like in really “wonder?” I just did, because when I reached the end of The Secret Life of a Dream Girl (Creative HeArts, #4) by Tracy Deebs I felt that it had an end but I was not sure I was satisfied because there where too many things left unsaid.


So when I started to prepare the review I noticed that I overlooked the part in the Blurb that mentioned it was part of a series … so my mistake. That had me thinking again … because actually I think it IS possible to just read the first book as a standalone… it would work – it would just leave some things unsaid which in some cases might not the worst decision.


Actually the story is a sweet one, which might have been written several times before but usually it is from a different PoV. Usually you get the guys to be the ones “undercover” so this was a nice change.


The plot is well written, moves at a nice speed and the characters are developed very interesting. Its not a brand-new plot idea but its used so well that it reads nicely. I would not say it’s a “Easy summer/beach read” because there are some heavy subjects in there.


And I assume that they will become even more difficult in the next book. But it is a really great story that I can only recommend


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