REVIEW : Beneath the Scars by Melanie Moreland


June 30, 2016


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Title :              Beneath the Scars

Author :           Melanie Moreland

Series :            n/a

Release date :   October 14th 2014

Rating :           5 Stars


Blurb : The sound of the ocean, the crash of the waves as they kick up against the sand and rocks—these are the only sounds Megan Greene wants to hear. She wants to leave the rest of the world behind, and find some peace. The offer of a private house on the beach, set in a small town in Maine, is perfect. Time to think—to be by herself. It’s all she wants. It’s the escape she needs. Until she stumbles across the painting that seems to echo her own chaotic mindset. Until she meets the unfriendly artist behind the stormy painting and discovers his secrets.All Zachary Adams wants is to be left alone. His canvases, and the unending scope of the ocean and sand, are his life. They direct him—fill his hours. Bring him focus.Until she enters his life. She dredges up memories of the past—the haunting images he has hidden for years; the fears he has never shared. A story he keeps buried below the surface. Can she make him see what he is missing? Can he trust her enough to believe?Together they embark on a journey where their pasts collide and threaten to tear them apart. Will their fragile bond hold or wash away with the ebbing tide?


Review : This story f…… hurt !! Hurt with a captial “H”. It was beautiful – raw and emotional and I was crying while sitting at the beach in the sun amongst other people that were simply enjoying their holiday. Do I need to say any more ?


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