Romance for Matthew by Nancy Fornataro


February 16, 2014


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Title :  Romance for Matthew

Author : Nancy Fornataro

Series : N/A

Rating :  3  Stars


Blurb : Bethany has to work, in spite of having a six month old baby, and takes a job as an assistant to a ‘special needs’ man. She is surprised at the growing attraction she feels towards her boss. Can she ever forget her husband and move on with her life? As The Lord gives her more and more challenges to handle, her faith is shaken to the core. Matthew, her new boss, ‘sees’ her in his heart, but has his own set of problems, as his faith is also tested to the limit. How can he help Bethany when he can’t even help himself?


Review : I could not relate to the leads
There was a lot background but somehow the most important thing got lost on the way
As it was not possible to follow the developing love i can only give as much as a 3 stars
I m sorry as the read was enjoyable besides that



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